As one of the two main leads in Killing Eve, Sandra Oh is a foil to Jodie Comer's Villanelle, a fashionable, no-nonsense assassin who plays with costumes and fashion to achieve fantastic disguises and memorable looks.  By contrast, Eve Polastri isn't bothered by how clothing looks, preferring function to form.  This is most notable in the first season where Villanelle steals her suitcase, goes through the drab, uninspiring basics and throws it all out; replacing the contents with her handpicked choices for Eve, including that stunning Roland Mouret dress Eve wears when Villanelle pops round for dinner.


Polastri's look in Killing Eve is supposed to reflect her business-like manner and determination to get to the bottom of the mystery of The Twelve.  She doesn't often get to wear anything fancy, so the blue Karen Millen dress she wears for Niko's school open evening is a notable exception to her normal wardrobe and it is the only time we see her wearing a necklace.  The necklace is simple, matching the simplicity of the dress, and we think our Love and Kisses Naughty necklace would be flattering on her, perhaps as a gift from Villanelle?  The heart shaped cubic zirconia in the centre is mounted in a blackened silver mount, flanked by sterling silver kisses adorned with a row of cubic zirconia.  The black heart motif in this piece is the perfect representation of the darkness of Polastri and Villanelle's relationship.


Eve still wears her wedding ring, and although not prominently featured it looks like a rose gold, floral inspired piece in a cluster style with a pale stone in the centre.  Our Pink Lily ring is a nice homage to the style and while it is perhaps more feminine than Eve's style, it is the sort of thing she would wear if she was getting dressed up.  Our aquamarine rings are also in keeping with the cluster and floral styles, our Camellia Aqua ring especially.  The Aqua Blue and Lovable Me rings draw on the cluster style while our Opal Shimmer ring is in keeping with Eve's style.


Eve Polastri generally wears small, simple stud earrings, the only time we see her in anything different is when she wears that strappy Karen Millen dress to Niko's school.  Our Purity cubic zirconia studs would be her every day go-to pair as they're versatile, simple and will go with anything without a second thought.  Our Cubic Zirconia Serenity studs would also be in her jewellery collection, as she sometimes wears studs with rows or clusters of smaller stones in an understated yet modern style.  The four small cubic stones sitting in the cross shaped mount are similar to some of the studs she has worn in the show, but she doesn't really wear coloured stones, preferring to stick to neutral colours that don't draw attention.


Eve might not be the most fashion forward of the characters in Killing Eve, but as one of the leads her fashion and jewellery choices say a lot about her character, motivation and preferences.  If you're looking to achieve a casual business look which works for travel as well as impromptu meetings, Eve Poliastri's style is one to emulate.