As a former First Lady and a Presidential nominee herself, Hillary Clinton has had her fair share of time in the spotlight.  The exploits of her husband while he was in office caused quite a stir, but Hillary did not let that spoil her own political ambitions.  Her sense of style has not changed over the years, and she has kept a very similar hairstyle too, which just shows that she's comfortable with how she expresses herself, and that she knows what works for her.


Hillary's short hairstyle has been a consistent feature of her look and while she occasionally styles it in a different way, the length remains above the shoulder at all times.  Because of her shorter hair, she sticks to stud earrings and is never seen wearing drop earrings.  The curl of her hair, and the shape of the style means that studs nestle nicely in a way that longer earrings would not – they would cut through the line of her hairstyle and sit relatively too close to her necklace. 


Like many powerful women, Hillary wears pearls, although they're not as much of a feature of her jewellery collection as they are for some.  She opts for large studs so she'd love our Full Moon pearl studs with a 6.5mm pearl.  We can also see her in our Pearl Candy earrings, which measure 9.5mm across.  Our Dewdrop clip on pearl earrings are also her style, as both these and the Pearl Candy earrings have a mount studded with cubic zirconia to frame the pearl and add sparkle and shine.  When you're giving a speech or an interview, and your hair perfectly frames your ears, these pieces are ideal for creating a powerful impression.


Many of our clip-on styles are ones which Hillary would love, as she tends to go for slightly oversized and showy jewellery like our Trio clip earrings with their three strands of different coloured metal – rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver with cubic zirconia.  Our Hollywood clip earrings are also in keeping with her look as the width of them will cover most of the earlobe, in the same way that she wears her earrings.


Hillary's birthday is in October, making her birthstone opal.  She would look fabulous in our Opaltine collection, a three piece set with a large cabochon opal set in a silver mount with a flourish of cubic zirconia on one side.  This design is ideal for her style and as she often wears matching sets, or pieces which are almost matching, she'd love to wear this stylish trio.


Mrs Clinton loves wearing necklaces and is not often pictured without one.  She tends towards chunky statement necklaces – making her choice of wearing stud earrings a wise move, as a statement necklace with long earrings can look a bit much unless you have a sleek up-do and a low cut or off-the-shoulder neckline.  When she isn't wearing a huge statement piece she loves to layer necklaces, sometimes wearing three of differing lengths.  Our necklaces come on a 16/18 inch adjustable curb chain, and we sell a 20/22 inch one too, so you can choose to purchase an extra chain for that extra length and copy Hillary's necklace layering look by wearing different pendants at different lengths.


Generally speaking, when you layer necklaces you want the larger pendants to be at the bottom, and the smaller ones at the top to achieve a balanced look.  This look works best when each piece has some similarities with the others, whether that's the colour of the metal, the colour of the gemstone or the shape.  Mixing completely different necklaces results in a messy look which, while it might work for bohemian types, isn't in keeping with the look that Hillary has spent many years perfecting.