New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is one of the most popular world leaders, both in her home country and across the world.  As a strong willed and responsible leader, she is a role model for women of all ages, and she has a reputation for giving back to the community and providing a platform for others through her own position.


Jacinda is known for her statement jewellery, especially when it comes to earrings.  She is often seen wearing bold earrings, some of which relate to the heritage of New Zealand native culture.  As a champion of women, Ms Ardern has been able to provide a lifeline of sales for small jewellery businesses by wearing their designs, or gifting their pieces to other high profile women such as Meghan Markle.  Ms Ardern gifted Meghan a pair of gold studs from Boh Runga which feature miromiro feathers crossed in the shape of a kiss.  The brand has several pieces using the feathers as a motif and this range has been incredibly popular since.


Our Love and Kisses stud earrings featuring sterling silver kisses are very similar in look to the Boh Runga pair and like them, we have a wide range of earrings, rings and necklaces featuring this motif.  They're an excellent gift or a treat for yourself and we think they'd look fabulous on Meghan and Jacinda.


Ms Ardern's passion for feather earrings doesn't stop here, however, as she was also pictured wearing a pair of up-cycled bicycle inner tube earrings in the shape of a long black feather.  Artist Ronja Schipper had been making the pieces for 5 years as a side business alongside her graphic design work, but the pandemic meant that the graphics work dried up so she put more time towards the jewellery business.  After Ms Ardern was pictured wearing them, hundreds of people ordered a pair and the same thing has happened to several New Zealand based businesses.


Our Angelica collection uses a feather motif to conjure up the idea of angel wings and is a very versatile, modern collection that we think Jacinda would wear in a heartbeat.  The Angelica pieces are bold enough to wear as statement pieces with a complementary outfit, but they can also be worn all together for a striking effect with a neatly tailored dress or suit.  Worn with a more bohemian outfit they will really shine, so these pieces will appeal to everyone.


The youngest entrepreneur that has experienced the Jacinda effect is 15-year-old school pupil Twilight Edwards, with her Taonga by Twilight brand.  Taonga means treasure in Maori, and the native influence can be seen in her work as she often draws inspiration from nature to create her designs.  Like many of the other jewellery makers that Jacinda supports, Twilight uses a variety of materials for her pieces, including upcycled cutlery for the earrings she gifted to Ms Ardern.


Twilight's gift was a pair of earrings inspired by the beak of the Huia bird (now extinct) made from the tines of old forks.  They're a subtle yet striking pair of statement earrings and are exactly to Ms Ardern's taste as she immediately put them on.  Our Twist and Sparkle Cross necklace would be the ideal accompaniment to the Huia beak earrings, as they have a similar subtle curve to them which would bring out the qualities of each piece beautifully.


We can tell that Jacinda Ardern is a big fan of statement jewellery and isn't afraid to wear things that others may shy away from – in fact she was criticised for wearing the up-cycled inner tube earrings, as some felt they were inappropriate for a women in her position.  As usual, Jacinda didn't listen to this irrelevant criticism and has continued to support small jewellers with her ability to turn one gift or photograph into hundreds of orders.


We think that Jacinda would wear almost all of our designs, but as she is more of a fan of modern styles we think she would avoid pieces like the Classico collection and opt for pieces from the Angelica, Concerto and Fantasia collections instead.  With an electric personality and a reputation for being level-headed and relatable at the same time, Jacinda needs jewellery that can stand up against her powerful and strong disposition.  The fact that she champions small producers, native designs and the imaginative use of different materials just endears her to us even more.