We've been looking at the jewellery styles of some of the most powerful women in the world, many of them First Ladies of the United States.  The current First Lady, Jill Biden, favours soft tailoring and pastel colours, although she has been seen wearing vibrant reds and greens as well as black when the occasion commands.  She is often pictured wearing a long three-strand pearl necklace which works perfectly with pastels and muted tones but also stands out well against darker colours.


Jill has already served two terms as Second Lady, as the wife of Obama's Vice President, so she knows exactly how to dress and accessorise to appeal to the public but also to put her sense of style and her achievements across.  Jill Biden is a seasoned college professor with a doctorate and we can see that sensible, measured edge in her wardrobe.  She also has a very youthful appearance and this sense of playfulness can be seen when she wears bold colours, such as the purple ensemble she wore for the farewell ceremony before her husband was sworn in earlier this year.  Combining the red and blue of the two political parties was seen as a bold act of unity, so we know Jill thinks very carefully about what she wears and when.


The earrings she wore that day are pretty studs with cultured pearls of different shapes.  These earrings are classy and youthful at the same time, so we think she'd love our Tassel pearl earrings.  A single pearl is the anchor point for several sterling silver chains finished with a cubic zirconia.  These strands move and sparkle beautifully when you move your head, making them ideal for public appearances where you want to combine sophistication with a hint of playfulness.


Jill is a big fan of pearls and while she does wear other stones, her go-to pieces are mostly pearl ones.  She is often pictured wearing large pearl studs like our Full Moon earrings.  These simple studs lend a classy air to any outfit and they are ideal for wearing at sombre and serious events, as well as more fun ones.  In her various roles she may have several engagements in a single day, and a pair of plain pearl studs are the obvious choice for accessories that will work in any context.


On one occasion in 2012, when Jill Biden was appearing at the Democratic National Convention her choice of necklace sparked a debate online.  The piece, thought to be from Van Cleef & Arpels also has similarities with a piece from Fornash, a brand which makes high-end looking pieces but without the same materials.  As the Van Cleef and Arpels piece retails at around $14,000 eyebrows were raised about the price, while the idea that she might have been wearing costume jewellery was also controversial. 


Whether she was wearing the real thing or not, we know that if she likes this style then she'd love our Red Orb necklace with its jewels placed along the chain, as well as within the pendant.  At the same time Jill was also wearing a shorter necklace which we think is a good match for our Seductive necklace with a pretty silver and cubic zirconia circular pendant.  This piece is great for layering necklaces but also works well as a standalone piece, especially against a dark top.


Jill Biden often wears bracelets and bangles, and as someone who often has to wave at crowds this is a good move as she can show off her style through her choice of wrist adornment.  As you might expect, one of her signature bracelets features chunky pearls.  This piece flatters the wrist with the oversize pearls, but if you want something a little more subtle then our Brides Bracelet is the one for you.  She has also been seen wearing solid bangles and we think our Angelica bangle would look stunning on her – the angel wing motif sending a message of care and compassion.


So, if you want to emulate Dr Biden's immaculate style, wear pearls with softly tailored outfits, skirting the line of juxtaposition with a classic dress sense and a youthful edge to the jewellery.