There's a Bake Off shaped hole in our lives at the moment while we wait for the next series to start filming, but one thing is for sure, Mary Berry is a timeless style icon.  She may not be presenting it any more but we still really admire her style, and how she manages not to age at all!  We don't know her secret to eternal youth, but we can emulate her aesthetic with pearl jewellery, which she loves.


One necklace she wore a lot has many imitators, and it's very similar to a necklace Kamala Harris favours.  Our Bride's Bracelet uses the same style; pearls linked together with lengths of chain between them, and she has been pictured wearing a very similar piece.  It might not be the most practical item to wear when you're baking but it's ideal for a cake and coffee morning with friends.  Mary is a big fan of a statement necklace, and she's often pictured at events wearing multi-strand necklaces either with pearls, or large beads and discs.  A lot of the jewellery she wears would look stunning on younger women too, so as a style icon she is right up there with Coco Chanel.


Mary doesn't wear earrings, and perhaps this is so she doesn't detract from her showstopper necklaces, but we have a couple of pairs of clip on pearl earrings that we think would look stunning on her.  Our Dreamy clip on earrings, with either a black or white pearl at the centre, are very much her style, and with the comfort back clip you could wear these for a signature, a technical, and a showstopper challenge without earlobe fatigue striking.  Our clip on earrings are very secure, so you could wear them while baking without worrying about losing one in your puff pastry layers!  Our Dewdrop clip on earrings are very Mary – a large pearl is set against a sterling silver mount studded with cubic zirconia for a really classy effect. 


We don't know if Mary is a fan of the neckmess trend, but her penchant for statement necklaces tells us she'd be interested in experimenting with the look.  Our Tassel pearl necklace is peak Mary Berry, entwining the classic with the youthful.  Our Pearl Candy necklace is a classic piece which would look great with the Dewdrop earrings, while our statement Twinkle With a Twist necklace is also right up her street.  All three necklaces could be worn at once in a neckmess, or you could pick two and wear them layered together by adjusting the chain to make the Pearl Candy necklace sit above one of the others.


Mary Berry doesn't wear a lot of jewellery, but when she does, she gravitates towards pearls and bold pieces, so to emulate her style think classic with a twist.  We think Coco Chanel would have loved her style, as she is definitely in the less-is-more camp and always looks well put together.  Mary's look just goes to show that style lasts, and that age doesn't stop us being fashionable, especially when we allow our personal style to develop and grow with us.