Although Melania isn't in the public eye so much now, she always had a very stylish look and clearly knows how to dress and how to accessorise.  She's a big fan of diamonds, with her engagement ring from Graff Diamonds costing a cool $1.5 million.  Her 10 year anniversary ring cost twice as much for the beautiful emerald cut diamond.  Our Emerald Ice ring is a great likeness for Melania's famous ring which is featured in her official White House portrait, but at £75 is a much more attainable piece for those of us who don't have a spare $3m burning a hole in our pockets.


Another favourite ring that Melania is often pictured wearing is a classic claw set diamond ring which we pay homage to with our Eternal Love ring.  We think that she'd opt for one of our more sparkly designs like the Titanic or Priti ring, both of which have rows of stones across the band which dazzle like diamonds in the light.  We can definitely picture the Priti ring on her finger, although our Dazzle ring is also to her taste.


Melania's inauguration outfit was the epitome of class.  She accessorised the beautiful powder blue ensemble with diamond stud earrings and a sleek hairdo that really showed them off.  We think she'd love our Serenity studs with four cubic zirconia set around a sterling silver cross, or our Bright Lights earrings, also square in shape.  Melania has model cheekbones which set off square shaped jewellery beautifully, playing the angles against each other for a really high class look.  We're not all blessed with her bone structure, but we can emulate her style with similar jewels and some clever contouring.


With her style and model looks it's no wonder she keeps her jewellery classy and wears just a couple of pieces – she's definitely in the Coco Chanel camp when it comes to accessorising.  Her go-to piece is earrings – whenever you see her she's sure to be wearing a stunning pair of studs or drop earrings and we think she'd love our Hollywood clip earrings.  Strands of sterling silver weave together with cubic zirconia studded across the wider bands.  These are showstoppers and because of their comfort backs these earrings could take you from public events to a lunch with friends, right through to an evening out without making your lobes sore.  If you're on the go, you need jewellery that works for you, and our clip on earrings certainly fit the bill.  Melania would also love our Simply Twinkly studs and our Bella Collezione drop earrings.


Necklaces aren't a go-to piece for Melania – she wears a lot of tailored and statement pieces which speak for themselves and don't always lend themselves to a necklace.  When she does, she goes for statement pieces that she wears when her outfit has a lower, or off the shoulder neckline.  Our Vesper necklaces would look stunning on her, especially the sapphire version which would look gorgeous with her blue outfits.  The Red Orb necklace would also catch her eye for when she wears red; as a person who can pull off nearly every colour and shade she's spoilt for choice when it comes to what to wear.


If you want to emulate that First Lady look then choose classic, timeless cubic zirconia pieces that speak for themselves and pair them with impeccable tailoring and posture to complete the look.