There's no doubt that Michelle Obama is one of the most charismatic First Ladies of recent years; her warm relationship with HRH Queen Elizabeth is testament to her charm and kind nature.  Her husband, Barack, was one of the most internationally popular Presidents we have known and the couple are held in high regard the world over.


Michelle has impeccable style, and often received more attention at public events than her husband.  One of her most talked about pieces of jewellery was a necklace she wore in 2020, which featured the word “vote” in gold letters.  She wore this with a V-neck blouse that let the jewellery do the talking, quite literally.  It may be a style tip she picked up from our Queen, who often uses her jewellery to express herself as she is meant to be politically neutral.  One brooch she wore for President Trump's visit to the UK was a gift from the Obamas, so we think both these women use jewellery to make a point without saying anything.


Like many politically powerful women, Michelle wears pearls for public appearances, particularly when she has been on the campaign trail.  Wearing pearls sends a message of quiet sophistication, with a nod to traditional values; so they're a staple of powerful women in the public eye.  Michelle tends to go for more modern styles, rather than the standard strings of pearls, so we think she'd opt for our Tassel Pearl earrings and necklace which feature beautiful freshwater pearls with silver chains suspended below.  With her intellect and ability to win favour, we think she would wear these with a political statement attached.


Michelle loves wearing dangly and hoop earrings – she's not a fan of the plain stud.  Our Summer Nights and Summer Heat hoop earrings with cubic zirconia would definitely be part of her day-to-day collection, as they're modern and sophisticated with a touch of fun, which sums up Michelle perfectly.  The Comet earrings, with a teardrop shaped mount and garnet, would also look stunning on her and feature her January birthstone.  With the matching necklace and a sharply tailored outfit this duo would create a signature Michelle Obama look.


She also loves ornate drop earrings, so our Bella Collezione drop earrings with cubic accents and beautiful silverwork would look gorgeous with her sleek hairdos and beautiful gowns for a red carpet or black tie event. 


Michelle's engagement ring got upgraded on their 26th wedding anniversary back in 2018.  The original, a 1.5 carat round cut diamond on a yellow gold band, was upgraded to a 2.5 carat round cut diamond on a platinum band which is studded with diamonds down the shoulders.  An eternity ring, also diamond and platinum, completes the set by fitting snugly against the star of the show.  It's becoming more and more common for people to upgrade their engagement or wedding rings as they become more successful, so it's nice to see that the Obama's have also followed this trend.


If you want to emulate this stunning pair of rings then our Ice Fire ring is the closest style match.  A large round cubic sits in a halo of silver and cubic zirconia, with more stones adorning the shoulders of the ring. Our Dazzle ring is a chunkier option which still uses the central stone with smaller stones down the band, while our Romance ring uses some of the design elements of the Ice Fire ring, but with an oval shaped central stone and two studded bands joining into one at the back.  Our It's Love eternity ring, pinched in the centre so it nestles against the engagement ring, completes the set.