Nancy Pelosi is a force to be reckoned with in American politics.  Some of her most recent notable actions include tearing up Trump's State of the Union speech in 2020, during which she was wearing a brooch designed to look like the speaker's mace from the House of Representatives.  The gold piece was made by Texas-born jeweller Ann Hand when Pelosi was first elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2007.  Hand saw sales of the brooch rocket when Pelosi was pictured wearing it as she tore up the speech and it has become a symbolic item for Democrats.


The gold brooch features an eagle atop a faux pearl so it matches well with her jewellery taste – like many women in politics Pelosi favours pearls and is often seen wearing a single strand of pearls, as well as pearl stud earrings.  One of her most unusual pearl necklaces features different coloured cultured South Sea pearls, so we think she would appreciate our Dreamy Black Pearl clip earrings as a match for this favoured necklace.  A black toned pearl sits in a woven nest of sterling silver with our special comfort back clip that won't pinch, even during a long debating session.


Pelosi likes statement necklaces and the one she wore to the 2019 State of the Union address was no exception.  The piece was made from red and blue recycled glass and referenced the colours associated with the two main American political parties, making it the ideal statement piece to wear at an important event.  We think she would love our Spicy Red and Spicy Blue pieces to mix and match for a similar statement.  The Spicy pieces feature a large oval stone, either garnet or topaz, in earring and necklace form.  The setting is a modern style which would appeal to Nancy and mixes the trend for large stones with a sleek mount.  We think Pelosi would opt for the Spicy Blue to represent her Democrat stance, but she may mix one of the red pieces in when she needs to take a unifying angle.


Nancy is almost always seen with a pair of pearl studs adorning ears and she quite often wears very large pearls, which stand out beautifully against her sleek bob.  Our Full Moon earrings are a great homage for her normal look, but if you want to add a little sparkle then the Moonlight pearl studs, with cubic zirconia adorning the top and bottom of the studs, are ideal for wearing to important events and casual meet-ups alike. 


When Nancy isn't wearing pearls she opts for neutral toned earrings that use silver and diamonds.  In fact, much of her jewellery is versatile and can be worn with many colours.  This is a clever move as it means she is not restricted in the choice of what jewellery will go with certain outfits.  Of course, she can still make a statement with certain pieces but for day to day dressing, she is able to pick virtually any piece from her collection safe in the knowledge that it will go with her outfit.


We think she would adore our Serenity studs with their modern cross design and four sparkling cubic zirconia.  Our circular Sparklers earrings are also in keeping with her style and she has been seen wearing silver studs that look a lot like our Utopia earrings.  These studs have a circular design and use three interlocking circles, one of matte finish silver, one of shiny silver and one of cubic studded silver.  These gorgeous studs are perfect for going from day to night and will become a favourite pair for sure.

Nancy Pelosi's look is a strong, statement-oriented one which has no doubt inspired many other women in politics with the elegant simplicity she achieves through her looks.