Oprah Winfrey is one of the best known women in American media: one of her accolades being snagging the controversial interview with Meghan and Harry that aired early in 2021.  She has had her own talk show for many years, and has also faced critics over her weight, and weight loss, with dignity.  As powerful women go, she's an icon in our eyes, so we've taken a look at her style to see which of our pieces she'd fall in love with.

Oprah has a jewellery collection worth an estimated $100 million, which is rivalled in showbiz only by Elizabeth Taylor, whose collection raised over $116 million when it was auctioned in 2011.  Interestingly, despite owning such an extravagant collection Oprah didn’t get her ears pierced until 2005, at the age of 51.  If you're thinking of taking the plunge and getting your ears pierced later in life then let Oprah be your inspiration and go for it.

Since getting her ears pierced Oprah has embraced the world of the statement earring, opting for large stones, long drops, and plenty of sparkle.  Our Bella Collezione drop earrings with plenty of movement are totally her style.  The mount is studded with glittering cubic zirconia with a central stone that shines from every facet.  We think she'd also love our Rain Drop amethyst earrings, with their simple claw setting given a modern twist, and a sleek curl of silver with a cubic nestled inside for the mount.  Oprah has such a big personality that she can wear any colour, and we think she'd have fun finding a rich purple outfit to go with these stunning earrings.

Our Simply Twinkly earrings are also ideal for stealing Oprah's style.  These have the look of hoops as the shape curls gently to the back of the lobe, but there's no danger of getting a stray lock of hair caught here.  Cubic zirconia adorns the entire surface, glittering from every angle, making these an ideal pair of day-to-night earrings.  If she fancied going back to clip on earrings then our Hollywood pair would fit the bill.  Multiple bands of sterling silver weave beautifully around each other with cubic zirconia accents everywhere, and the name is perfect too.

Oprah keeps necklaces to a minimum, preferring to go bold with her rings, often wearing a statement ring on each hand.  The Ebony ring would be ideal paired with the Hollywood earrings, as they both feature overlaid bands of silver and cubic zirconia.  The ring is 16mm wide at the top which is ideal for Oprah, who is a fan of chunky rings.  Oprah would wear the Rain Drop earrings with the Purple Rain cocktail ring which features four large amethysts in a quirky cluster setting.  This is another large ring which measures 20mm at the widest point, but Oprah's ring style is “the bigger the better”.

We think our Fantasia Mix and Gemma Concerto rings would look at home on Oprah's hands.  Both have multiple bands across the top and are scattered with coloured gemstones.  The Gemma Concerto ring has different textures and a more fluted profile which really makes the piece stand out.  For a more neutral option, the Fantasia and Solo Concerto use cubic zirconia for a diamond-like sparkle that goes with anything.

Finally, our Interlace ring is our largest ring, measuring in at 35mm across the stones.  The band splits into four at each side, lacing together at the top, with six shades and sizes of blue topaz gemstones.  This is a show-stopping ring for a big night out, so be ready for the compliments you will get with this stunning ring on your finger.

Oprah is always dressed and accessorised to impress, wearing classic shapes that flatter