We have loved watching The Crown, and with a couple of months of restrictions left we're eager to re-watch the whole thing from the first episode, especially as we will have to wait a long time for series 5 to be made.  The attention to detail in this series is second to none, with careful consideration given to recreating key looks from the royal wardrobe, such as Princess Diana's wedding dress and engagement photo outfit.  Diana was well known for her love of jewellery and even after her divorce she retained access to the Queen's collection, as well as having acquired quite a few pieces herself, which are now worn by her son's wives and other Royals.


We may not sell tiaras, but the Lover's Knot tiara, which Diana wore on several tours, and has also been worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, features tear drop shaped pearls.  The Lover's Knot tiara was originally one of Queen Mary's pieces and is now part of the royal collection.  The Collingwood earrings, often worn with the tiara due to the complementary shape of the pearls, are similar to our Twinkle pearl earrings, which we think would have been a staple of her collection.  A teardrop shaped pearl hangs from a stud mount encrusted with cubic zirconia and from across a room you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between our earrings and the iconic Collingwood earrings, which are now a firm favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge.


An interesting piece of jewellery that Diana herself had made in 1996, is the Asprey Aquamarine cocktail ring.  This bold ring features a square cut aquamarine of a considerable size, and the ring has been seen on the Duchess of Sussex several times since her marriage, notably at their wedding reception.  Our topaz Blue Lagoon ring, with a large emerald cut topaz, is an affordable homage to this piece that will have just the same impact at a wedding reception or formal event as the real thing.


Diana's engagement ring, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge as her engagement ring, is perhaps the best known piece of jewellery that Diana wore.  A scene in The Crown shows her choosing the ring from a selection offered by the Queen; although in reality the piece was created by royal jeweller Garrard. The ring in their catalogue, so theoretically anyone with the money could have bought the same piece.  It was designed with inspiration from a royal brooch in mind, and it was certainly adored by Diana, but it is interesting to know that it wasn't a piece which had a long line of royal heritage.  This sapphire beauty, surrounded by diamonds, held a purchase price of £47,000, which is a long way over most people's budgets, so we don't have an exact match.   We do, however, have the sapphire Apollo necklace which features a sapphire and cubic zirconia pendant which references the design of the famous ring. 


Matching earrings for Diana's ring were given to her by Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia as a wedding present, and these have also now been given to the Duchess of Cambridge to complement her ring.  Our Classico or Vita sapphire studs are a great match for these earrings and would look stunning paired with the Apollo necklace, as a tribute to both women.