One of the more enigmatic members of the royal family, Princess Margaret is a fan favourite in The Crown, where her antics provide a foil for her sister's austerity.  Both the actresses who have portrayed Margaret (Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham-Carter) have done a fantastic job at bringing the so-called “rebel royal” to life.  She certainly comes across as someone who wears her jewellery, rather than it wearing her.  We can't wait to watch all 4 seasons again before Easter and we'll certainly be trying to match our jewellery to that of our favourite member.


In real life her most well-known piece of jewellery was the Poltimore Tiara, which she purchased at an auction in order to have something showy that was hers and hers alone, rather than being part of the royal treasure trove.  This huge tiara, which was auctioned off after her death fetching nearly £1m, could be worn as eleven separate brooches or one statement headpiece.  She wore it for her wedding and many other notable occasions (including the infamous bathtub photo), and the piece looked heavenly on her – you need a big personality to be able to pull off this look and she certainly did. 


In The Crown we often see her, as a younger woman, wearing pearl stud earrings and we think our Catch A Star pearl studs would have been a staple of her look.  One scene in The Crown shows her wearing what look like clip on pearl studs that are very similar to our Dewdrop clip on pearl earrings.  These comfort backed earrings would have given her lobes a break from the heavy, diamond encrusted earrings we're so used to seeing the royals wearing, and the pretty cubic zirconia studded mount is in keeping with her style.


Margaret was a fan of wearing matching sets, like most of the royals, as she could pick and choose from a huge collection of pieces.  One well known look was the turquoise tiara, earrings and necklace which she teamed with matching eye shadow and a dress the same colour.  She was also well known for her love of Mustique, the private Caribbean island where she owned property and spent a lot of time out of the public eye, and away from the prying lenses of the paparazzi, for the most part.  We think she'd have embraced the modern, sleek styles we're so used to wearing now and would have wanted to keep up with the times.   While professing her adoration of the Caribbean, our larimar items of jewellery, the Caribbean Delight studs and Blue Ice necklace, would have been right up her street.  Larimar is a precious stone found only in the Dominican Republic and it is this rarity and connection with the area she spent so much time in, that would make it such a special stone in her eyes. 


Princess Margaret's engagement ring from Antony Armstrong-Jones was a real stunner, a ruby surrounded by diamonds in a design inspired by a rose, in tribute to her middle name.  Our Ruby Classico ring is similar in style, albeit scaled down to a size that anyone could wear as an everyday piece.  Our Cherry Bomb garnet ring is also similar in design, following that cluster style which is so popular for engagement rings and fancy jewellery in general.


Margaret's style was showy in a refined sort of way – the Poltimore Tiara and her state occasion looks were her most extravagant, but she did prefer an understated elegance in her day-to-day jewellery.  We'd like to think if she was still with us today that she'd be an ardent admirer of our jewellery.