Sanna Marin is the youngest female state leader, and Finland's youngest ever Prime Minister at just 35 years old.  She attained this position in December 2019 and has been a popular, if sometimes controversial leader due to her liberal politics and background.  One of her most well-known controversies was a photo shoot in which she appeared wearing a black blazer with nothing underneath except for a show stopping vintage necklace.  This photo, which appeared in Trendi magazine as part of a profile on Marin, sparked debate about whether it was appropriate for a world leader to appear in such a way and whether it was appropriate to criticise a woman for her appearance. 


Whatever side of the debate you're on, there's no denying that the necklace she wore is gorgeous.  It's a vintage piece which uses turquoise and blue stones connected with intricate metalwork which looks amazing framed by the lapels of the blazer and would look equally stunning against a black top if you're less daring than Marin.  We think our Multi Coloured Orb and Multi Coloured Vesper necklaces are a great tribute to this look, as they use several colours and an unusual setting arrangement like Marin's vintage piece.  The Orb style is closer in design than the Vesper but both have citrine, peridot and topaz stones; the Vesper also has amethyst and garnet for a riot of colour across a curved modern style mount that will go with any outfit because at least one colour will match.


Our Orbit collection of birthstone stud earrings will go perfectly with either necklace due to the flush mount style, and because these studs are purse-friendly you could get several pairs to match the stones in the necklace to wear with different outfits.


Marin rarely wears jewellery in her professional life but when the occasion calls for it she likes classy and understated pieces, like the long chain earrings she wore at a red carpet event.  These flowing earrings had plenty of movement which complemented her equally sleek cream silk gown.  Our Tassel Pearl earrings would be right up her street, pairing beautifully with the same dress as the lustrous pearl would match the cream silk perfectly. 


Another red carpet event saw her wearing a bold gold disc ensemble featuring a chunky bangle, earrings and necklace.  We don't have anything quite as bold as this in our range but our Fantasia collection is the ideal wearable tribute to this look.  The Fantasia collection has cubic zirconia only options plus varieties with multiple coloured gemstones, so you can mix and match pieces depending in your outfit colours, or go all the way and wears several pieces of it to recreate this sumptuous look.


Her wedding ring is understated, as you might expect from someone who doesn't wear showy jewellery in everyday and workplace settings.  It is a plain channel set band which looks a lot like our Always & Forever and I Love You eternity rings.  Although these are designed to be given as a token of commitment leading towards an engagement, they'd also make great engagement or wedding bands for people who like to keep their jewellery sleek and unobtrusive.  The channel mount style is ideal for busy people as the stones are protected from knocks and scratches.


We really admire Sanna Marin for her achievements at such a young age and her dedication to improving the lives of women and their status in high office – after she was elected she appointed three women in their thirties to positions of power which helped address the gender imbalance in politics.  We have plenty of pieces that emulate her understated and classic style; so to get her look go for sharp tailoring and sleek statement pieces that need only minimal accessorising.