We love watching The Crown on Netflix from the very start again, and with a few weeks of lockdown restrictions to go we have plenty of time to indulge our royal fantasies.  Ornate pieces like the Imperial State Crown and Edward's Crown aren't the sort of thing we design and sell, but there is a lot of other jewellery the Queen wears which we do have versions of which anyone can wear for a touch of royal glamour and sparkle.


The Queen is often seen in her trademark three strand pearl necklace, which could look a little over the top for an average day at the office, the supermarket run or a family celebration, but a pearl pendant would be ideal for these occasions.  We often see Her Majesty wearing pearl studs – with a lot of heavy, ornate earrings at her disposal we think she is often glad not to have to wear such weighty pieces all the time, and a simple pair of pearl studs still exudes status and glamour on their own.  Our Full Moon earrings are the ideal pair for giving you that understated royal look, with their large freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia accents.  We think the Queen might also like to give her lobes a break from time to time, so our Dewdrop clip on earrings would be her go-to pair for comfort and style.  A freshwater pearl is set atop a mount of three arcs of sterling silver studded with cubic zirconia for a timeless look that anyone can wear.


She is also pictured wearing drop style earrings which glitter with diamonds.  Our Bella Collezione earrings are the right style for the mid-century Queen and are similar in style to the ones seen on Claire Foy at the end of the first series.  They are smaller than the royal ones, but this is ideal for the modern woman who wants to dress up without the ache of heavy earrings weighing her down. 


Our Queen's engagement ring, a solitaire style with a huge diamond at the centre and more diamonds down the tapered shoulders of the ring, encapsulates her style perfectly.  She does love wearing the special jewellery she owns, but for day to day wear she prefers a more understated style and a ring which works with her hands-on approach to her animals.  Our Dazzle ring is a great homage to her ring as it also features a single stone with tapering shoulders which are also set with cubic zirconia.  It's not an exact match, but it is great for hands-on people who want a glamorous ring that can still be worn every day.


The Queen is well known for her love of brooches and is nearly always pictured wearing one.  She is also famous for sending messages through the brooches she chooses to wear, and although she is not permitted to make public her political opinions, she does often signal her thoughts through her choice of jewellery.  Royal jewellery watchers had a field day during Trump's state visit, when she first wore a brooch given to her by the Obamas when they visited (Michelle Obama and the Queen are known to have a very warm relationship, so by wearing this particular brooch she sent a strong message).  On her third appearance she wore a brooch shaped like a snowflake that was given to her by Canada, which sent two cutting messages in one piece. On the final day she wore a brooch that her mother wore to the funeral of her father, again sending a message that the state visit was not a happy occasion.


Brooches are not often worn today, but they are a great way of gathering several stones into a single piece and for this reason are often crammed with signals and references – a great piece for the family as an heirloom.  If you have pieces you don't wear, but the person who gave them to you is very dear, then perhaps having the stones set into a brooch you will love is a good way of keeping that person's beliefs and worldview alive and well?  You could mimic Her Majesty and wear your brooch to special occasions to signal that the initial owner of the stones is also present and watching, but in a good way.