Killing Eve may be over for another season, but the fans can still have fun with the aesthetic of the show by dressing in homage to our favourite characters.  Everyone loves Villanelle, she's charismatic, edgy and always surprising, so it's no wonder her quirky character is a firm fan favourite.  We'd all love to have her budget and flair for fashionable dressing, but we can have some fun with her looks even if we don't have the salary of an international assassin.


One of Villanelle's most iconic looks is the frothy pink Molly Goddard dress, teamed with Balenciaga biker boots.  She may be one of the few women in the world who could pull off such a look, and she teamed it with oversized gold hoop earrings.  Another classic Villanelle look is her Amsterdam look with her vintage earrings and pink ball-gown skirt, so we know she likes to emphasise the feminine aspects, as well as strength through her matching of clothes and jewellery.  We think she'd love the Tassel pearl earrings for some drama mixed with a classic stone.


Villanelle loves rings, often wearing multiple rings on one hand.  She's also known for a wearing an inscribed ring on her thumb – thumb rings aren't that common, but simple wearing a ring that's too large for your other fingers is a nice way to wear pieces that don't fit conventionally, just like Villanelle.  Her style for rings is statement and chunky, not often wearing more delicate pieces like solitaire rings or plainer styles.  We think she would team our Angelic ring with the Ruby Fantasize ring, juxtaposing the blood red of the rubies with the innocence and purity of the Angelic ring, perfect for lulling a victim into a false sense of security before killing them. 


Our Gemma Concerto ring, with mixed coloured gemstones and modern silverwork would look great with our Vivacious Violet ring.  Villanelle would love the alliteration with her name as well as the standout large amethyst in this ring, which would match perfectly with the amethyst in the Gemma Concerto ring.  Our Deep Blue Sea ring, with different shades of topaz nestled between two bands of cubic zirconia, is a glamorous ring that would look amazing on anyone's hand.  We think Villanelle would team it with our new gold Curio ring, featuring sapphires and cubic zirconia.  Wearing two rings like these on the same hand is a look for the bold and daring, which perfectly embodies the spirit of Villanelle.


For a good ring to match a boldly coloured one, we think the Twinkly or Ebony rings fit the bill.  Cubic zirconia is micro-set and pave set in these rings creating a sheet of sparkle which will help direct light and attention to whatever ring it is paired with, or they can be worn on their own for a more suitable day look – Villanelle may get away with wearing evening dress during the day but most of us aren't quite that brave!


We think Villanelle would wear one of our Love and Kisses collection necklaces and gift one to Eve as a match.  Either with a kiss, lips, or the word “love” in them, these necklaces send a strong message and would look great on Villanelle, but be too bold for Eve's usual aesthetic.  If Eve were to wear one that Villanelle had given her, it would be a real standout moment in the show and herald their relationship becoming more real.


Perhaps you have inherited some pieces that are bolder than your usual style, or you want to try something new?  If that's the case, channel the spirit of Villanelle and have fun with it.