Some gemstones can be negatively affected by prolonged exposure to sunlight.  It's generally best to keep all stones out of bright, direct sunlight although there are some which look their best in daylight – just limit the amount that you wear them in very bright sun.  Aquamarine can lose its subtle blue tone in sunlight, while amethyst also fades over time if worn frequently in the sun.  Citrine can also be bleached quite quickly in the sun, so if you want to wear this sunny colour stick to earrings that can be shaded by your hair to keep them in good condition.


Sapphires look amazing in sunlight, but too much exposure can cause them to fade, so reserve these for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.  The richness of the blue is enhanced by sunlight, while candlelight and lower light levels can make it appear quite dull.  Our Serenity earrings and matching necklace are ideal for daytime wear as their modern, eye-catching design and pairing with cubic zirconia makes the blue really shine.  Topaz can also look great in daylight, but it's best worn in the mornings and afternoons and preferably not exposed to the harsher light of the middle of the day.  We have a wide range of topaz jewellery, so there is something for every occasion.


Our Blue Lagoon set is ideal for garden parties and afternoon tea as the large emerald cut stones have large facets to reflect light, which looks very glamorous, while our Daisy set is also perfect for these events, as the floral design motif is a great match for the backdrop of a pretty garden.  An afternoon event is also the ideal time to wear our Rhapsody in Blue collection, especially if there's a chance of rain because the way the stones fall in the design conjures up the feel of a rain shower.  The Triplicity collection is also a pretty option for an afternoon or early evening do and will go with a range of outfits.


Although red stones like rubies and garnets look great in low light, they also shine in the sun so they are ideal for wearing to an all-day event as your jewellery will look stunning whatever the light levels are.  Even on an overcast day, red stones will pick up the lowest light and make it shine.  The Serenity set with the ruby option instead of sapphire is perfect for daytime and evening events, while the Circle of Life set is also a great option for any event, looking modern and refined at a bar, garden party or barbecue.


Cubic zirconia is always a winner for daylight (and low light) as it has a very high refractive index.  Because there's no colour to fade in the sun, you don't need to worry about bleaching, fading or colour changing; so you can wear cubic zirconia at any time of day and be sure that they will dazzle.  Our Serenity set is a lovely design choice and available with just cubic zirconia.  The three options can be mixed and matched depending on the event, the weather and your outfit choice, so you could wear the pure cubic option in the brightest part of the day, then switch to the sapphire or ruby options as the sun starts to go down.


Rings with cubic zirconia are ideal for summer and wearing in bright light as they won't fade, but your hands are likely to get the most sun and not be shaded by your hair or outfit.  Our Emerald Ice ring, with a large emerald cut cubic is a showstopper and perfect for making an impression, while subtler options like the channel-set I Love You eternity ring or Always And Forever ring, are good for more active summer days as the setting is very secure and you don't need to worry about knocking a stone out while playing rounders with the family. We have many cubic zirconia rings to choose from so whatever your outfit, we have jewellery to match and enhance it.


Let's hope we have a long Indian summer this year where you can wear your best sun-friendly gemstone jewellery for fun days out and long afternoons relaxing in the garden.