Welcome back to our pick of the best gemstones to wear for evening events, ones which look stunning in low light levels.


If blue is your colour then both topaz and aquamarine are options for wearing in low light.  Both stones have excellent light reflecting and refracting properties, so for a more pastel, light tone opt for aquamarine, which will shine brightly.  For a really eye popping colour topaz is your best friend.  In our Peardrop, Spicy Blue and Regal Blue earrings the multi-faceted topaz stones will stand out, aided by a halo of cubic zirconia which also dazzle in any light.  The matching necklaces would finish an evening look beautifully.  Our Wild Spirit and Viola Blue earrings (also with matching necklaces available) are also stunning but a little more understated in design with a sinuous silver mount in both pieces that conjures up a sensual, intimate mood – these are ideal for special dates.


For a classic design style the Aqua Blue earrings and necklace incorporate vintage design inspirations with gorgeous cool aquamarine.  This set would be ideal for a romantic dinner at a stately home hotel or somewhere like The Ritz.  The Lovable Me earrings, with a cushion cut aquamarine nestled in a cubic zirconia studded mount are also perfect for evening wear.


Opal is ideally suited to lower lighting, especially candlelight and situations where light is coming from all angles.  The crystalline structure of the stone means it reflects light from many different parts, so it really sparkles when there is mood lighting and candles around.  It's also a quite a delicate stone and isn't ideal for bright sunlight or situations where it could become damaged, making it perfect for evening events.  Our Opaltine collection is an elegant three piece set that works with any colour thanks to the rainbow of shimmering tones found in opals.


If you have the opportunity to go out for a sophisticated evening, or you're planning a special dinner at home then these jewellery options will be the most flattering in the candlelight, or mood lighting you can achieve with a dimmer switch, lower watt light bulbs or thick lampshades.  After the events of the last couple of years we think it is treat time, so why not splurge on something special to go with a special evening?