Welcome back to our guide to the ideal Easter jewellery to gift instead of chocolate.  Jewellery is much healthier, lasts longer and can be cherished for a lifetime, whereas chocolate doesn't even last the week (and that's being optimistic!).  Today we're looking at the bold and the beautiful with large dazzling stones and stunning designs.


Our Spicy collection, available with garnet, opal or topaz, also features oval stones and there are necklaces and earrings available so you can blow the budget on a set or choose the style of jewellery your giftee wears most often.  This modern, minimal design uses a clever mounting style which makes the stone appear to be held only by two thin strips of silver, but when you look at the side and back you see a more robust mount which weighs the pendant perfectly for wearing with all sorts of fabrics.  A single, flush mounted cubic zirconia accents the top of the stone finishing the piece off with a little sparkle.


Similarly sized stones can be found in our Clementine and Opaltine designs, which use sinuous curves of silver (and gold in the Clementine collection) to enclose the stones and make them shine, while the accent line of cubic zirconia around one side brings the right amount of sparkle.  The cabochon cut of the opals in these pieces is a perfect mirror for the Easter egg motif and opals go with any colour thanks to their iridescence and shimmer.  The citrine stones in the Clementine collection are great for sunny, bright personalities who look great in oranges and yellows.  Both collections have a necklace, earrings and a ring making this a great option for building up the set over a birthday and Christmas.


Lastly, our Reverso design uses large stones (aquamarine, iolite or opal) in a swirling mount which echoes the infinity symbol, drawing a nice parallel with the Easter story as well as being stunning to look at.  The mount flicks up at the bottom of the stone which pulls the eye towards the stone and then back out to the mount, which is adorned with cubic zirconia and sparkles beautifully against the central stone.  Again, the opal version is incredibly versatile thanks to the light reflective properties of the stone, while the iolite offers a rich, dark blue/indigo colour which brings a glamorous, sophisticated note to the piece.  These are ideal for wearing when you want to make a statement or you're going to an upmarket event, or just to add a special touch to a meal out or drinks with friends.


We hope you have found some inspiration for giving a gift less ordinary this Easter, but do take a look at our full range for more inspiration; we've got something for everyone at Amore Argento.