We're all looking forward to the long Easter weekend and spending time with our families, celebrating the joys of spring and the re-birth of the plants and flowers outside.  While hunting for Easter eggs is a great game for children (and the young at heart) many of us are becoming more health conscious and cutting down on the amount of chocolate we eat, which makes Easter a hard time of year for those avoiding added sugar.  It's even harder because Easter strikes around the time we have just finished working off the Christmas bloat, so with that in mind we've chosen some great sparkly alternatives to Easter eggs for older teenagers and adults.


Because it's Easter and the traditional shape is oval or egg shaped, we've picked out some jewellery with complementary shapes that will look great at Easter and throughout the rest of the year.  Starting with pearls, which are a great natural gift to give and always appreciated, we have our Twinkle necklace, which features an oval freshwater pearl set in a clasp style mount which looks like the opening petals of a crocus or tulip, making a lovely extra connection to the time of year.  This simple yet elegant pendant goes with everything, dressing up a casual outfit and adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.


Our Affinity pearl necklace also has an egg shaped pearl, set under a cascade of three cubic zirconia which add glitz to this piece, as well as some extra movement.  This design makes the necklace ideal for wearing when you go out dancing because your movements will be mirrored and emphasized by the necklace even if you're not a natural dancer!  This is one of our most sparkly pearl necklaces and even with that extra glam factor it is still very wearable with any style of clothing.  Our Romance necklace features an oval pearl nestled inside a sterling silver oval shaped mount which doubles up on the Easter egg shape and symbolises a nurturing, caring relationship making this ideal for a romantic Easter gift.


Our Forever necklace is also a great Easter gift for a partner because two oval shapes nestle inside each other, making that connection between your relationship and the idea of two people with a strong, nurturing connection.  Three cubic zirconia complete the design and making it perfect if you have been together for three years, or have three children then this necklace couldn't be a better fit.  This is a very modern look which can be worn at work, at leisure and with whatever outfit you like.


If you're after something with a splash of colour then take a look at our Lovable You and Purple Plum necklaces.  Both feature an oval amethyst set in a cubic zirconia encrusted mount; the Lovable You necklace draws on vintage design styles for its look while the Purple Plum is a smoother, more modern aesthetic that will appeal to young adults and teens.


If you like the idea of colourful Easter jewellery then make sure you check back for part two, where we showcase some of our boldest, brightest oval designs.