When we think about ring sizing and fit the first, and often only thing people ponder is the actual circumference of the band – in terms of how a ring fits this is vital because too small, and it won't go over your knuckles easily, too big and it will slip and move around on your finger.  If your stone has a claw set stone this can dig in and scratch if the ring is prone to moving while you wear it.  There is another consideration that can make a huge difference to the comfort of a ring and that's the cross section of the band style.


Most of us would assume that the cross section of a ring band would be circular, but if you have a closer look you'll see that actually it's probably not circular.  While circular bands do exist, many rings use a D shaped band which, if you were to cut a section out, would look like a capital D in cross section.  This band style is very popular because it suits many styles of adornment and is comfortable, with a flat edge against the finger for security and the curve on the outer side, which sits against your other fingers.  Our Give You My Heart ring uses a D shaped band, although the curve is quite subtle, because this style looks great with engagement and solitaire rings.


The court shape, sometimes known as a comfort fit, is a wider style which is flat on both inside and outside edges.  Our Solo Concerto ring uses a variation of the style which lends itself to splitting into several bands at the top of the ring. This style is very comfortable to wear and is not prone to twisting or moving.  It is also easy to take on and off over the knuckles, but if your fingers are prone to swelling opt for a size up.  The band style is very secure so won't move round as much as other styles, even in a slightly larger size for comfort.


Smaller flat bands are just known as flat bands, and our Angelica ring is a good example.  As with the court style this band lends itself to becoming part of the ring design, rather than the vehicle for the stone.  Instead of splitting into several bands the Angelica ring becomes a feathered wing at each end.  This particular ring is very good for people who aren't used to wearing rings, because the narrow profile of the band means it won't rub much against the other fingers – some people find this sensation annoying in the same way flip flops can irritate your toes.


Square bands are great for showing off workmanship or a particularly nicely cut stone and they also work well for channel set stones.  Our Amour Eternity ring is a great example of channel setting in a square band and this band style makes the ring much more eye catching than if the same design used a rounder profile band.  Our Cubic Fire ring uses a gently tapered square band which has that slight curve on the outer edge of the band for comfort.


Our Timeless ring is a good example of an unusual band style.  The inside the band is shaped to be comfortable on the finger you wear it on, but part of the design aesthetic of this ring is the bubble inspired shape of the band.  This unique style adds interest and makes this ring stand out, even if you wear multiple rings.


If you have rings you don't wear because they're uncomfortable but you haven't been able to put your finger on why then take a look at the cross section profile of the band.  It might be that shape which you don't get on with, so you could consider using our bespoke design service to reset the stones on a band which you will love to wear.