...She shall have music wherever she goes.  That old nursery rhyme certainly brings back happy childhood memories, especially of wanting to grow up and wear beautiful jewellery like the lady in the song.  We can't help with the toe bells, but we can certainly help with rings for your fingers that will shine and sparkle wherever you go.


Our Interlace ring is a stunning example of a ring which oozes style and glamour.  It is a cocktail ring with modern styling – it has the traditional cluster of colourful stones, but each arrives at the centrepiece on its own silver interwoven branch of the ring.  This elegant ring features different shades of topaz for a cool, chic finish which will look fantastic at summer cocktail and garden parties.  This ring is a must have for anyone who likes to spend a night out on the town with style and as it's such a beautiful piece you can tone down the rest of your jewellery to make this ring pop.


If you love blue then topaz is the stone for you.  The Deep Blue Sea ring features the richest tones of blue topaz set between two rows of cubic zirconia which taper in size down the shoulders.  This is a very sophisticated ring which is perfectly suited to glamorous nights out and black tie dinners.  Paired with a simple necklace and an evening gown this ring creates effortless red carpet elegance.


Another bold, colourful ring is the Gemma Concerto ring.  A wide silver band splits into four distinct bands, the outer ones are detailed with a ruffle effect while the inner bands host topaz, amethyst, peridot and citrine stones making this ring the ideal accessory for a colourful wardrobe.  This piece is a statement ring which lends itself to bold, sculptural clothing and an edgy look.  Our Kaleidoscope ring is similarly colourful but more delicate, so if you like the Gemma Concerto but it's a little bold for your tastes the Kaleidoscope is a great alternative.  Citrine, peridot and topaz provide delicate flashes of colour against the triple silver bands.  The central band is studded with cubic zirconia which sets off the stones beautifully and ensures that the light catches each one.


If you prefer the neutral look of cubic zirconia then the Solo Concerto ring is perfect for you.  Instead of coloured gemstones we have used glittering cubic zirconia on this ring which is stylish and modern.  This ring is ideal for dressing up an edgy look – think skinny jeans, boots and a leather jacket with this ring for a 90's era Kate Moss style, a look that is on trend right now and which doesn't ever go out of style.  Our Ebony ring is of a similar aesthetic but would also work really well with a floor length gown and complementary jewellery for a dressy look.  The chunky ring features four different sized bands of silver set with cubic zirconia, the largest of which are also edged with sterling silver for added drama.  This is a real showstopper and looks much more expensive than it is, so if you want to make an impact this is the ring to wear.


The Priti ring also features cubic zirconia, 22 of them to be precise.  The stones are tightly nestled together in a stunning long cluster which makes this the perfect ring for a special occasion.  As a gift or an eternity ring the Priti will always be loved and treasured and as it sits in between the cocktail and simple styles it is very versatile, lending itself to any and every occasion.  If you like your jewellery to go with all your outfits this is an ideal ring for your collection and you may find it becomes an everyday accessory; such are the complements you'll get while wearing it.


Lastly, with a stone big enough to sink the Titanic is our Iceberg ring.  The central emerald cut cubic zirconia is 9x7mm surrounded by a double row of round cubic zirconia with further stones descending down the shoulders, so every surface of this ring is sparkly.  You'll find any excuse to slip this piece on and wear it with pride.  This ring is perfect for a love gift or for a black tie event and it certainly adds a little something to any outfit.


With these rings on your fingers the complements you'll get will be music to your ears.