If you've grown your hair out during lockdown you might be itching to get it chopped short as soon as you can, but you might also be loving having that extra length to play with – there's so much you can do with long hair that it opens up a whole new world of styles to try.  Even if you have always had long hair there are still new things to try out, such as wearing jewellery in your hair.


One of the easiest ways to achieve a unique look is to weave a strand of beads or a necklace through a braid, adding sparkle all the way down your plait.  You can use more than one necklace for this look depending on how thick and long your hair is.  Even plain silver chains can add interest to a fishtail braid or a French plait, so if you want an easy way to liven up one of your go-to looks a necklace can make all the difference.


You can use pendants in your hair too; slip the pendant off the chain and slip it onto a bobby pin that you can then pin into a bun or another up-do style to add interest.  If you have a matching set of jewellery, such as our Rhapsody collections, you could even add the earrings into your hairdo, or wear the necklace in your hair instead of round your neck with the matching earrings – a great way of wearing a full set when the neckline of your outfit doesn't go with the necklace.


Rings can also be worn in the hair – slipped over a clear ponytail band our Concerto and Fantasia rings would look stunning to elevate a plain ponytail into something really elegant.  Use a bobby pin to secure the ring to your hair so you don't lose it.  If you have single earrings floating around your jewellery box, their partner lost long ago, why not use these to adorn your hair?  French wire styles are easiest as they can simply be hooked into a bun or up-do, but studs can work too (with pins placed between the earring and butterfly back to stop them falling out).  You might find you have several single earrings that would work beautifully together to adorn a hairstyle, so don't chuck out single earrings just because you have lost one half of the pair.


Brooches are something we have probably all inherited from a relative, but struggle to wear without looking fussy, so they're ideally suited to being worn as hair adornments.  Elizabeth Taylor wore a gorgeous Bvlgari brooch in her hair in 1963 and this sparked a trend that has come and gone over the years – we think it's about time this had a comeback, especially as it's a great way to work jewellery into a look that you put together for a Zoom catch up with friends or a meeting.


Bangles can be slipped over a messy bun to add sparkle and interest – our Angelica bangle is ideal for this look as the wing motif looks like it was designed to clasp a bun.  Even a bracelet can be woven through a chignon, or laid down a centre parting (a little eyelash glue will keep it in place)


Those with shorter hair can still use jewellery in their hair – pin brooches or earrings to a hairband for an instantly stunning finishing touch to a sleek bob, or experiment with a bracelet laid along your parting to highlight a funky hairstyle.  The only limits are your imagination, so why not give a little love to the pieces you haven't worn for a while with new ways of wearing them?