You may have made some New Year's resolutions for 2021, already, and with all our plans for 2020 having been thrown into disarray, we're sure that this year the list is going to be a long one. That’s not mentioning all of the resolutions we set for ourselves at the end of 2019, as well as other goals we set ourselves throughout the last 12 months.  We have some ideas for jewellery based resolutions you can add to your list, but don't worry, none of them are too burdensome, and you will be able to achieve all of these in the next year.


Every jewellery collection can benefit from an audit.  By this we mean getting out all your jewellery and laying it out on the table, untangling as you go.  Group like items together, so all your earrings, all your rings, and so on.  If you have matching sets keep these together as their own small group.  When all your finery is laid out in front of you, you may be surprised to see how much you actually own.  Some of your jewellery may have been gifts from people you are no longer in touch with, so decide if you want to keep the pieces for sentimental reasons, or sell them on. Alternatively you may even want to gift them to someone you know will love them. 


If you can't bear to part with some pieces, make a resolution to wear them more often.  If they're not to your taste, but they have sentimental value then consider having the pieces redesigned and reworked into something you will wear.  You could even have heirloom pieces reworked with the intention of leaving them in your will.  If you have inherited a piece or two that you intend to pass on, but you know they won't be worn by the recipients, then why not have those pieces reset into pieces that will be worn by the recipients?  For example, you may have a lovely brooch to leave in your will, but two or more people to leave it to, so why not have the stones reset into earrings, rings or pendants so that each person has a piece of the original item?


Jewellery should be cleaned semi-regularly to keep it in the best condition, so even if you're going to leave an entire item to someone in your will, do have it cleaned anyway.  Set aside all the pieces for cleaning, or reworking, and make an appointment with a jeweller to have the work done.  We offer a reworking service, and because we're online (as well as in physical stores) we can provide this service whatever the lockdown rules in your area are.


With your jewellery collection laid out in front of you there is the opportunity to see what key staples you are missing.  Of course, not everyone wants to own and wear pearls, or tennis bracelets, but having all your jewellery in one place can reveal which pieces you could add to enhance your favourites in an outfit.  A tennis bracelet, pearl and/or sparkling studs and a showstopper necklace are all items that work for most people; so if you're lacking in those items make a note to check out our range and fill in those gaps with something timeless.


With the pieces to gift, clean or rework set aside you'll be left with the items you can wear and enjoy straight away.  You could also have some fun and try pairing pieces together you've never considered wearing as an ensemble?  You might find that these experimental matches really work, which could open up a whole world of opportunities with your wardrobe.  We think there's nothing better than finding a new outfit or a new look from your existing clothes and jewellery; although you can't beat the thrill of buying something new, shopping from within your own collection can be a lovely way of invigorating your style with minimal effort and outlay.


When you pack your jewellery away again, be sure to put the pieces you have resolved to wear more often on display so that you see them.  If you have identified some pieces that you want to wear in the summer put these together in a case or other storage, so you don't have to go hunting around for them when the sun comes out.  We hope you have fun, and enjoy reminiscing about your heirloom pieces while you complete your jewellery resolutions for 2021.