Forget busy, overpriced restaurants serving so-so food this Christmas - a night in at home with your loved one can be just as (if not more) special. We've put together several romantic ideas for a night together enjoyed amongst somewhat more familiar surroundings. Take a look below and shop Amore's jewellery collection for a gorgeous rose gold heart bracelet to complete your look for the evening!

Romantic Ideas For An Evening Indoors At Christmastime

While the photo album your friend uploaded to her Facebook might seem magical at this moment in time, you don't need to jet off and spend a lot of money to enjoy a lovely, intimate night in with one another. Of course it's easy to forget that the secret to a happy relationship is not five-star accommodation (rich people get divorced and have arguments too!), but good communication, laughter and caring for one another that separates the successful relationships from those that don't work long-term.

If you're watching your money to save up for the future, or would simply rather spend a night in for a change, then have a read of our simple and affordable (yet still wonderfully romantic) ideas!

  • A traditional cooked meal – Don't order a takeaway. Although this might be the easier, less time-consuming option, a home cooked meal is much more appreciated and romantic. Take the time to set the table and insist that they don't help with the washing up; unless of course they insist back – in which case, they better get ready for the tea towel whip (just kidding!).

  • A Spa night in! – He might not think it sounds very macho, but you're both bound to enjoy this equally. Since caring for one another, communication and regular physical contact all have great significance in a relationship, giving one another a massage and preparing a bath with bubbles, candles and the like is sure to make your night in extra special. Offer your massage in silence to avoid any distractions and really concentrate on areas that you think they'll enjoy most – you're both sure to relax and tune in to one another.

  • Give a lesson in cocktail making (or something of the sort) – If you enjoy a drinking in bars, why not give a master class on cocktailing making? Not only will you have fun serving them up, you'll be able to enjoy your concoctions afterwards too! Of course there's the initial price of buying spirits, but it's still much less expensive than drinking out!

  • Didn't go to plan? Don't fret – prepare a breakfast date the morning after and present her with a stunning rose gold heart bracelet! Whether it's a beautiful home-cooked breakfast or a quick dash to McDonalds, turn the telly off and listen to one another. Since we'd just had a comfortable sleep, our minds are much more alert and responsive in the morning, so make it count!

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