Many of us wait until Mother's Day or mum's birthday to show her how much she's loved, but there's never a wrong time throughout the year to treat mum. Since she's been there since you were young, and has watched you grow up to become the person you are today, there's no one else quite like her in the world. She isn't just one in a million, but one in a universe. If you're looking for the loveliest of ways to make her smile this year, take a look at our ideas below!

5 Ways To Make Mum Smile This Year

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  • 1. Pack a picnic – We know, we know, it's winter, and therefore too cold for a picnic outdoors! Well, that's not completely true - let's be honest, we're lucky if we get the weather for it in summer too! While it's traditional to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine, there's nothing stopping you from wrapping up warm (bring extra blankets!), filling up your flasks with hot tea or coffee, and enjoying a gorgeous, prepared picnic with family this wintertime. Just take a look at this family's experience of a picnic in January!
  • 2. Book a spa day – Whether it's a mother and daughter spa experience or a booking for one, if she's never had a spa day before, then this is sure to show her how much you care and appreciate all the things she does, and has done, over the years. Take a look on a site such as Tripadvisor to check out reviews before you book – nobody wants to be disappointed – and, if you're feeling super generous, include afternoon tea for two!
  • 3. Buy a gift – Always busy or don't have the means to travel to mum and spend some time with her? While this is always the best way, if it's simply impossible this year, buy her the biggest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers you can afford. To make it extra special, hide a jewellery gift inside the bunch of flowers to surprise her! Our lovingly designed earrings and other amethyst accessories all come in an heart-shaped box and elegant gift bag for the final touch!
  • 4. Surprise her with a fun evening – Whether it's her favourite Italian restaurant or the French one you think she'd love, an evening at the cinema, or a cooked, 3-course meal with chocolate and wine at home, spoil her by planning an evening that you think she'd enjoy.
  • 5. Do something she'd like to do – Has she been telling you how much she'd love to go to the theatre or see an art exhibition? Take her!

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