Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone. It looks wonderful in various items of jewellery. You can browse through our fabulous collection of aquamarine earrings rings and necklaces on our beautiful online store, but if you'd like to learn more about this incredible gemstone, here are six fun pieces of information about the gemstone aquamarine! 

 Interesting Facts about This Beautiful Stone

1. It Is A Birthstone 
Aquamarine is a birthstone for those born in March, this means that aquamarine jewellery makes a fantastic gift for a special someone in your life who was born in March. The month of March was the first month of the Roman year and was named after the Roman god of war, the guardian of soldiers and farmers; Mars. 

If you're searching for a gift for a loved one born in March, browse through our selection of aquamarine earrings and find a beautiful gift for them! 

2. A Member Of The Beryl Family! 
If the word beryl sounds familiar, that's because the beryl family is a group of gemstones. Aquamarine is a member of this family, another well known gemstone in the beryl family is emerald , which is the birthstone for May. 

3. Seawater 
The name aquamarine originates from Latin; aqua marina. These words mean seawater. This gemstone can be found in different colours, blue-green, teal, pale blue, colourless or a deep blue. 

Crystals are common in the folklore of various cultures. wrote that in folklore aquamarine was said to protect sailors at sea. They write that the Roman god of the sea, Neptune was believed to protect sailors because he did not want the jewels to disappear into the sea. 

4. It Is An Anniversary Stone! 
If you're searching for a 19th anniversary gift, aquamarine jewellery makes a fantastic gift, especially if the special someone in your life was born in March. Some consider aquamarine a symbol of youth, happiness and faithfulness, which makes it a fantastic anniversary gift! Browse through our website and find a beautiful gift today! 

5. It's a Fantastic Gemstone That You Can Wear Often 
Aquamarine is between 7.5 and 8 Mohs. The Mohs scale starts with 1 and ends with Diamond at 10. However, even though aquamarine is quite hard-wearing, you should still follow the best practices when cleaning your gemstones. When you buy jewellery from us your jewellery will be presented in a beautiful gift bag with a polishing cloth, to help you keep your jewellery looking wonderful. 

6. The Largest Aquamarine Ever Found! 
According to the largest aquamarine was found in Brazil in 1910. This aquamarine weighed 243 pounds, which according to is “about two times as heavy as an Octopus" 

Aquamarine Earrings, A Fantastic Gift For A Loved One!

If a special someone in your life was born in March, aquamarine jewellery is a fantastic birthday gift. It is also a fantastic gift for an anniversary, as written above it is the gemstone for a 19th anniversary. So if you're celebrating nineteen years of marriage and your partner was born in March; a pair of lovely aquamarine earrings such as these beautiful Aqua Blue Earrings would make a wonderful gift. These drop earrings would look fantastic for a special occasion. Watch the light dance on the beautiful aquamarine gemstones as the earrings rotate in the video. Imagine the earrings sparkling when your special someone wears them. Imagine the smile on their face when they open their gift and see such a beautiful pair of earrings. 

If you want to make your gift even more special, when you purchase a product from our online store. You can choose to include a personal message. This means that in addition to our beautiful gift bag, heart shaped box and polishing cloth, a beautiful message will be left inside the gift box for your special someone to find. 

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Searching For Something Unique?

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Beautiful Aquamarine Jewellery From Amore Argento!

There is a fantastic collection of aquamarine jewellery available in our online store. You can browse through a beautiful collection of aquamarine earrings rings and necklaces ; with lovely pictures and a fantastic video preview. 

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