Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and with its icy blue tones it really goes well with the end of winter feeling that March brings as we start to enter the warmer seasons again. Aquamarine is a form of beryl, a mineral which is found worldwide with notable deposits in New England (USA) and Madagascar. It is naturally colourless and was used to make early spectacles, as glass could not be produced clear enough to work as the lenses. Colours in beryl are the result of impurities, with ferric (iron based) impurities creating aquamarine.

Aquamarine is found in Sri Lanka, North and South America, and Africa, with the largest single piece ever found coming from Brazil. Historically, aquamarine, named after it's resemblance to the colour of seawater, was used by Romans to protect them on sea voyages, bring energy and cure laziness. Folklore tells us that aquamarine was thought to be the treasure of mermaids and was thought to provide good luck and protection at sea throughout the centuries.

Eastern mythology associates aquamarine with the throat chakra, so it is used to help overcome a fear of speaking, and is also used to aid communication and ensure a relaxed discourse. In medieval Europe aquamarine was thought to reawaken love between married couples, while in the Middle East it represented youth and happiness. Like many gemstones, aquamarine has also been associated with victory in battle, invincibility and justice, so was often carried by soldiers as a protective charm. We particularly like the association with renewing the love between two people and our aquamarine jewellery is the perfect way to say "I (still) love you".

Aquamarine also has a place in early medicine as it was believed to be a curative for diseases of the eye. The eye should be washed with water which had contained aquamarine, the belief being that the healing properties of the water coloured stone would come out into the water creating a solution that could heal eye problems. Modern crystal healers also believe aquamarine is helpful for eye problems as well as for fluid retention. The ancient Romans believed it could also be used to heal problems with the liver, jaw and throat, continuing that connection between the stone and the throat area.

We have a selection of beautiful aquamarine birthstone jewellery, which includes the Aqua and Camellia Aqua sets comprising of earrings, a ring and a necklace. The delicate blue tones are very flattering on everyone, young or old, and because the colour is not too strong these pieces will work with a wide variety of colours in your outfit, making them very versatile pieces you'll love to wear every day. This Lovable Me cluster ring is a perfect example of how pretty aquamarine is and it would make an excellent ring for renewing vows or for symbolising commitment.

Aquamarine Lovable Me Birthstone Ring