Birthstone jewellery is something we're really passionate about, and we love the links between the stones and birthdays, zodiac signs and elemental signs – it creates a really personal connection with the jewellery for both the giver and the receiver. Wedding anniversaries are also symbolised by stones, as well as other materials like paper, cotton, tin and wool, so our beautiful gemstone jewellery makes the perfect anniversary present.

The stones start from the second year of marriage, the first being symbolised by gold (and, of course, paper). Garnet is the stone to signify two years of wedlock, and our Comet necklace is the ideal gift for that event. A very wearable style, the teardrop shaped stone is balanced on a sympathetically shaped mount micro-set with cubic zirconia to flatter the main stone. This can be worn with casual outfits and more formal wear, and what better gift to give than one which can be worn all the time?

After 3 years of marriage, pearls are the stone to celebrate with. You may have already bought bridal jewellery from our wedding collection, and if so you have the option of purchasing a matching item from our range. We love these Vintage pearl earrings, which are ideal for special occasions, like an anniversary meal out at a posh restaurant, but can also be worn with casual clothes for a sophisticated addition to a Sunday afternoon pub trip.

Our Vintage Pearl Earrings

Your 4 year anniversary brings with it topaz as the symbolic stone, and the Blue Lagoon ring is a gorgeous piece to give as a really special present. It is quite bold, and therefore makes any outfit an instant stunner, and it's just showy enough to spark a conversation about how thoughtful you are to have chosen such a lovely item. If this is a bit bold for your partner then the Blue Reef bracelet is a great choice. It has a row of topaz stones of different shades, so it really plays along the colour spectrum and works with muted colours as well as bright ones. This is a classic style of bracelet so will be a key piece in a jewellery collection for many years to come.

After half a decade of wedded bliss the stone of choice is sapphire. If you opt for the bracelet in year 4 then our sapphire Sky bangle is a great addition, as they can be worn together to bring together many shades of blue, or worn separately at different events. Again, this is a timeless piece and a really thoughtful gift to give. To give a gift that really says "I love you" go for the Love Life earrings. Rich, deep blue sapphires nestle alongside cubic zirconia in a heart shaped mount to dazzle and sparkle.

Six years happily married deserves a real celebration, and the stone to symbolise this is amethyst. The Love and Kisses necklace is the ideal gift, as it incorporates hearts and kisses picked out in cubic zirconia with a central heart shaped amethyst, which really steals the show with the multifaceted cut. Still with the heart shaped theme, the Sweet On Me earrings have heart shaped stones, set in a simple mount for a more understated look which still uses the theme of love.

Year 7 is symbolised by onyx, which isn't a stone we currently carry, which brings our first instalment of anniversary stones to a close. In our next episode we will continue with years 8 to 14 - Don't miss it.