Whether you're hopping onto a plane to a tropical island in the Maldives this summer or are spending your time closer to home, Amore Argento has a beautiful collection of colourful and simply stunning sterling silver birthstone jewellery ideal for spring and summer! Read on to discover several of our favourite jewellery picks for March through to the end of August and make your summer as brilliant as our lovingly crafted jewellery designs!

Birthstone Jewellery For Your Summer Getaway

We have a range of gorgeous birthstone jewellery here at Amore Argento, but we've handpicked just 4 that we believe are ideally suited to every style and personality this summer.

  1. The first gemstone that is particularly popular during summer is aquamarine, which is the March birthstone. It is a gorgeous, semi-transparent light blue stone, which reminds us of a calming, summer blue sky.

    Set inside our highest quality sterling silver, the beauty of an aquamarine jewel is really captured. Gorgeous as a gift or even an indulgent gift to yourself for a lovely holiday by the sea, aquamarine jewellery has long been viewed as a jewel for those who spend much of their lifetimes at sea. Believed to keep sailors safe across treacherous seas and bring wearers happiness and bravery, it's surely the best gemstone to give you the courage to join in with those water sports activities on holiday!
  2. Pearl – As the birthstone of June, not only does the pearl birthstone naturally land in a summer month, they also make beautiful bridal jewellery. And as summer is a popular month for weddings, it's a win-win birthstone for those looking forward to a summer wedding (especially if you're born in June too)!

    With an almost silky appearance, pearl jewellery has long been associated with purity and grace. Ideal for those wanting to create a feminine or vintage look, opt for a pair of elegant pearl studs to compliment your new playsuit or dress, or why not set off your essential summer blouse with a subtle pearl necklace?
  3. Last but not least in our favourite birthstone jewellery list is the wonderful and shimmering August birthstone – the peridot. As spring flowers bloom amongst the greenery, the light green peridot gemstone is the ideal counterpart for spring! Thought to bring wearers protection, good luck and health, it is sourced in China, Burma, Vietnam and even the US. So if you're looking for a gem with a difference, why not take a look our gorgeous collections of peridot jewellery?

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