As an alternative to diamonds and one of the most stunning types of synthetic stones around, it's no surprise that cubic zirconia rings continue to grow in popularity. Manmade in a laboratory, they're much more affordable than diamonds, but nonetheless incredible in appearance!

In fact, CZ stones tend to be extremely high-quality, optically flawless and absent of imperfections, unlike some natural gemstones. Typically colourless to look like diamonds and scratch resistant in nature, cubic zirconia accessories are fairly easy to care for. However, they will still require some maintenance. Follow the below advice to keep your jewellery in top notch condition!

How To Best Clean Your CZ Jewellery

One of the only issues with cubic zirconia stones is that, over time, they start to dull as a result of the build up of oil from your skin. Cleaning your CZ jewellery on a regular basis can be a great way to help maintain its brilliance and ensure that it continues to go with your favourite outfits!

  • What metal? - Depending on what metal your stone is set in, you will need to clean your jewellery in different ways. For example, if your accessories are made of gold, or platinum, then you need to make absolutely certain that you're using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, pre-packaged jewellery cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol.
  • Avoiding Harsh Chemicals - If your jewellery is made of sterling silver, it is best to avoid harsh cleaning agents like the above, as they can discolour and permanently damage silver necklaces, bracelets  and rings. In our experience, soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush are the best way to take care of your CZ rings. Just mix mild dishwashing liquid into warm water, soak the jewellery, and then brush the accessory clean with the toothbrush and more warm water and you'll be able to drastically extend the lifetime of your accessories.
  • Top Tip - To make certain that your accessories remain clean and sparkling, always remember to remove them before applying makeup, lotions or any other beauty products. It might seem obvious, but we'd also recommend that you remove jewellery whilst exercising! Whenever you sweat, you are transferring the natural oils from your skin to your jewellery, which can contribute to the dulling of cubic zirconia. Similarly, we would recommend that you avoid getting your jewellery wet, as this can lead to discolouring of the metals.

How Should I Store CZ Accessories?

Whilst cubic zirconia itself is resistant to damages and scratches, there are other features and materials in your jewellery which are not so resistant. Metal and other synthetic, or real, gemstones can easily be damaged if the jewellery in question is not stored in the right way.

Storing your accessories in a dedicated jewellery box with separate, padded compartments is your best bet, but you could also store individual jewellery sets in soft jewellery pouches to effectively protect them from harm.

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