Ladies in Paris seem to have a certain natural flair, a confidence about them, and we're intrigued. It follows them wherever they go. It seems, no matter what they wear - whatever should-be-disastrous clothing ensemble they put together - they look dazzling. What is it about women in this bustling, arty city, worldwide famous for its romance and frogs legs?

As passionate jewellery designers with a weakness for gorgeous gemstones, we thought we'd take a look at how ladies in France manage to pull off peridot jewellery, and in particular peridot rings. Take a look at our fabulous guide below. 

Going Green In Paris, In More Ways Than One

No, you're wrong. Peridot is not just for those with an August birthday. Though they do make a gorgeous gift for a birthday, peridot rings and other marvelous accessories featuring this stone are for everyone, and can be worn at anytime!

If they love nature and all green hued things, then definitely go for jewellery featuring this stunning light green gemstone. Why? Because although we all might not have the confidence or the skill to look fashionable in a bright green, head-to-toe outfit, a simple perdiot ring can do wonders, and remind her of you! This, we think, is a key piece of information that the people of Paris know best. 

  • French fashion is all about keeping it low key. Forget over-the-top ruffles, flamboyant patterns or too much of this or that. Choose one or two stand-out aspects of your outfit, and tone the rest of it down.

    It could be a pair of sophisticated cat eye sunglasses to peak over as you take tea in a riverside café, or perhaps a glamorous peridot sheath dress with one or two rings to match. Whichever prominent accessories or garment you choose, make sure they accentuate the best of you.

    Do you always get compliments about your long legs? How about a pair of long-length boots, or if you're heading out of a night, heels that compliment your new outfit? If you have luscious, shiny hair, add a showy hair clip to draw more attention to its beauty. Always have a smile on your face? Don't forget a gorgeous coloured lipstick to match your skin tone and draw attention to your cheery personality! Only you know which aspects of your personality and look you like most, but a little jewellery is always a must!

  • Make sure, too, that you keep your outfit classic. This may sound boring to some, but those who live within a short distance of the Eiffel Tower know that a streamlined, elegant outfit that has a long history of making women look their best is always going to be a winning outfit. They take no notice of the latest fashion trends, and instead opt for what makes them feel good. This adds to their confidence, with adds power to their stride, and et voila! Their sophisticated and charming look is complete.

Are You Ready To Wear Peridot Rings?

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