As a clear, sparkly stone that has plenty of fire, cubic zirconia, diamond's less expensive lookalike, is definitely one of few perfect engagement rings. Whether you're a couple who has recently graduated and would rather put your hard earned cash into your first home together, have children who are financially dependent, or would rather create long-lasting, wonderful memories and still have a beautiful engagement ring to admire, a cubic zirconia ring is your answer. Read on to find out more about cubic zirconia rings!

Your Engagement Ring Guide To Cubic Zirconia

The traditional engagement ring is to many a diamond one. Diamonds are graded by what's known as the 4 C's – cut, colour, clarity and carat. Depending on how each of these is graded, this will determine the overall value and quality of the stone. For instance, a higher carat diamond doesn't necessarily mean that its value will be higher than a diamond of a lower carat, as its clarity or colour could be worse in quality, lessening its appeal and consequently, value. Cut, or the stone shape, is more down to personal preference.

With all of the above in mind, it's worth noting that some of the world's most expensive diamonds cost millions of pounds. The lower the price of a diamond, the less quality it will be. Cubic zirconia rings on the other hand, can give the same beautiful sparkle at a fraction of the price, and whilst some may believe that CZ stones will look cheap, fake or like glass, this simply isn't true. Cubic zirconia stones were made to imitate diamonds, and they do their job almost too well! In fact, there are instances of CZ being unlawfully sold (at a high price) as diamonds, demonstrating how comparable they are!

So whether you've always dreamed of owning a big diamond ring but can't afford it, or are worried you'll misplace or damage it, with a cubic zirconia engagement ring you'll get to choose exactly the appearance you want for a price that won't break the bank, and, if you do happen to lose it, it won't be half as heartbreaking!

Here at Amore Argento we create lovingly designed and quality gemstone jewellery. Each stone is set into the highest quality sterling silver and stamped with the unique Amore Argento heart logo.

Beautiful Cubic Zirconia Rings From Amore Argento

If you're interested in cubic zirconia rings, why not take a look at Amore Argento's lovingly designed collection? Available in a variety of exquisite settings, including solitaire, bezel, channel and more in contemporary and classic styles! Each ring is beautifully packaged in a heart shaped box, pouch and gorgeous gift bag, and will come with a polishing cloth and care card.

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