Luscious, invigorating and exciting, green is definitely a colour that won't go unnoticed when worn! It's wise to keep in mind at this point that there are an abundance of subtle and standout shades of this colour – from mint, olive and peridot, to dark hunter green - so try to keep an open mind; it's easy when you know how! Discover how to wear green beautifully with these simple tips below!

Go Green, Without Overdoing It!

Since there are hundreds of green shades to choose from, there are a range of fantastic colour combinations you can experiment with! It doesn't matter what the occasion, season, skin tone or hair colour – there's a lovely shade of green for everyone! However, going ALL green is probably not the best idea, unless it's Saint Paddy's Day, then – and only then - should you go all out green! So let's get started with those colour combinations that do work…

  1. Peridot & lavender with a splash of blue – Think of a field full of purple (lavender) flowers with green stems and a clear blue sky and just how lush it appears! With gorgeous peridot rings and floppy hat, lovely lavender dress and a thin blue belt, you're sure to be the belle of the ball anywhere you go! This outfit in particular would be perfect for springtime!
  2. Steel teal (like grey with a subtle touch of green), pale yellow, coral pink & glaucous blue – If you hadn't noticed yet already, we're being quite particular with our shades; whilst it's easier to just say blue, yellow and pink, the hues of these colours range so much that without being so exact, your outfit could end up looking rather random! If you're unsure of the shades we're mentioning, simply search for them online and you'll see what we mean! As an example of an outfit, imagine steel teal pumps, coral skinny jeans, a glaucous detailed top and yellow clutch – voila!
  3. Asparagus green, barn red (or brown) and dark blue – This might not seem like the most obvious combination of colours, but when you pair those brown boots, navy skirt and adorable floral asparagus coloured shirt or bag together, you'll soon realise you look like you've just walked out of the pages of a glossy fashion magazine! Of course it doesn't have to be these exact items, but these shades were born to be together!

There are lots more shades that will compliment green! If you're looking for more ideas, simply look around you and you'll find this colour everywhere! Whether it's in an advertisement on TV or in the nature outside, if you take a minute to look, you'll soon find that wearing green isn't so hard!

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