Not so long ago the colour of the year, according to Pantone, was Emerald Green. As springtime matures into summer, green is in abundance here in the UK. And, since a new study has found that green spaces can improve school children's mental development , the whole world seems to have gone crazy about the colour green! 

Once known to be the colour of envy, green is now associated with the environment and eco-goods, and most notably in the fashion world, it represents natural, ethical and environmentally-friendly clothing. Read on to discover this season's on-trend colour and how to wear it!

Going Green, Literally: Your Fashion Advice

You may have heard the word 'sustainability' and 'eco' being reverberated throughout the fashion world recently, and that's because of environmental concerns – that is, how we're polluting the planet and destroying wildlife's precious habitat – are at the forefront of everybody's minds. Today though, we're going to concentrate on the colour green itself, and how to wear it perfectly this summer!

Whether it's a gorgeous "evening emerald" peridot necklace to compliment your little black dress, a khaki green playsuit or a cool summer's blouse, there are a ton of gorgeous outfit's that you can create with green clothing! Although 'green' might not sound automatically appealing when imagining clothes, different shades of green are! From jade green to mint, olive and teal green, these are just several of the many shades there are to experiment with. 

Your Essential Green Garments!

Whilst anybody can wear a peridot necklace, darker greens tend to compliment warmer skin tones, whilst the opposite is true for cooler skin tones. However there are always exceptions! 

A mid-length dress – Think vintage and opt for the romantic floral frock this summer. Match with elegant heels and a chic black clutch.

A bold green bikini – Hit the pool and showcase your figure with a beautiful green bikini! 

A mint green handbag – Perfect for an afternoon shopping spree, the school-run or even the office, every lady needs a chic carry-all for her must-haves!

The winter coat – Okay, we know it's a little early (or late) to mention coats, but we couldn't miss this one off (and remember, they'll be less expensive now!). Green looks spectacular in winter. Whether you're hurrying through the rain or are simply out in the snow, you're sure to stand out beautifully in a green winter's coat. 

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