The decision on which piece(s) of jewellery to wear comes down to your personal style, what you own, the outfit you're wearing and also the trends of the moment, especially if you love to adorn yourself with jewels every day. With all this to think about it can be hard to pick the right pieces to add to your collection, especially if you want to add to your collection with pieces that will stand the test of time and be fashionable right now.

The top trends for 2019 are wearing a lot of mismatched rings to draw attention – wearing cocktail rings over gloves is a key trend for the moment but not one that lends itself to everyday wear. In terms of stone colours there are two directions; pale, muted stones set within a simple mount are currently very popular, but on the other hand bright, bold colours are also in. With stone colour it's a case of two extremes, but there's no reason you can't follow both trends to create both looks.

Pearls are in and continuing their modern renaissance in the jewellery world. Still considered to be more suited to those in their late twenties and older, they are a classic touch and keep your look both elegant and on trend at the same time. Classic designs with a twist are the looks to go for this year and next. Finally, zodiac and space inspired jewellery is in, with designs based on, or inspired by stars being a key catwalk look for 2019. Each zodiac sign has its own associated stone, so an understated piece of birthstone jewellery is a nice addition to a look which may feature more fancy designs.

Our cocktail rings are striking even when worn alone, so they make an ideal addition to a set of rings to wear as a statement. The Blue Moon cocktail ring also fits with the trend for muted stone colours, so is a great investment to cover two trends at once with a stunning piece that will stand the test of time. Set with blue topaz and cubic zirconia the dazzling design is ideal for people born in April or December, as it features both those birthstones. We also have many other ring designs to choose from, so whether you are looking for a bold statement piece, or a simpler style to complement another ring, we're sure you'll find something you love from Amore Argento. 

Our pearl Destiny earrings are right on trend for 2019. Featuring oval freshwater pearls in an elliptical silver mount, these are a modern take on a traditional pearl earring in an elegant design that covers both modernity and classic style – they're in right now but they will never really go out of fashion. Another gorgeous pearl piece is a vintage inspired necklace, also from our wedding collection, the Retro pearl necklace which is a statement piece, combining classical design elements with a modern twist and sparkling cubic zirconia to really make an impression. Even better, it's currently on sale with 30% off, so act quick to add this quirky and individual piece to your collection.

Retro Pearl Necklace

To follow the constellation theme we have several pieces which nod to this trend without the danger of dating over time. Our Luna collection comprises of earrings, necklace and ring all with a spiralling, orbit-like mount which represents the stars and planets moving through space. A great piece to complement elements of the Luna collection is our Simply Elegant bracelet which has a circular design that mirrors the Luna pieces. Continuing the orbital theme is our pearl Carousel ring which features a gorgeous freshwater pearl surrounded by a swirl of dazzling cubic zirconia which attracts the light to the pearl, really setting it off for a dramatic impact.

While we know it's important to keep up to date with fashion, we also believe that jewellery should be treasured, and worn. This is why our designs always reference the latest trends while retaining that crucial element of wearability so you can enjoy wearing our jewels now and in the future.