Fancy a career change in 2016? No matter whether you work in retail, healthcare or marketing, looking the part can impact your chances of success in a huge way. We can all get tired of doing a certain job, and even if we still enjoy the work, a change of scenery is always nice! Unfortunately, no matter how skilled or experienced you are, looking the part can influence an employer's decision to hire you or not. Have a read of our style blog post below and look like (and be) a pro at job interviews in 2016!

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A little jewellery really can go a long way, adding a hint of sophistication and professionalism when you need it most. While aquamarine earrings might not shout 'expert', they certainly make you look beautiful – and of course, your admirable answers to the interviewer's questions will do the rest! Here are some of our top style tips for your next interview:

  1. Hairdo? – Don't listen to anyone regarding your hairstyle. Whilst you might want to try and avoid anything too "out there", but there best option is to do what makes you feel comfortable. Whatever you do, do not go to the hairdressers the night before and ask for a new hairstyle! You might not like it and you won't feel comfortable or confident, and, if we're honest, this can have a much more significant impact than your appearance!
  2. What's the job for? – No, we promise we're not being nosey; this really is an important question to ask, as different job roles will require different outfits! A web designer's choice of outfit for a fashion magazine will be very dissimilar from an assistant teacher! However, a little jewellery never went amiss – try our gorgeous range of aquamarine earrings to seal the deal.
  3. Wear heels – Unless you absolutely can't or you hate wearing them, go for it. Being able to walk with confidence fools almost everyone, so stick on your favourite pair and make an impression! If it's raining, don't be afraid to wear your wellington boots until you get there (then swap them over) – it's better than turning up all soggy!
  4. Don't make it too complicated – Many of us have felt stressed over what to wear to an interview, and while we all like to look incredible with a truly standout outfit, sometimes it doesn't all go to plan. We might not be able to find the right shade of top for the outfit we had in mind when shopping, or find matching footwear! When in doubt, keep it classic and tailored and add aquamarine jewellery.
  5. Last but not least, remember to put your head up and look them in the eye! Good luck!

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