There are these pretty little green things that we think are so beautiful - so inspiring, that we thought we'd write a blog dedicated to them, and at the same time, tell you about the things we think about when we observe them. We're talking, of course, about our stunning peridot earrings, which you can take a closer look at here. Have a read of our blog and embrace green jewellery like you've never done before!

Fire Up Your Look With Little Green Earrings

When asked what he missed most about Earth in an interview, besides friends and family, the astronaut Tim Peake replied that he missed the colour green, the fresh air and being outside. Peake's yearning for the nature is one thing that we can all easily take for granted when we're surrounded by it here on Earth, but what else has the colour green meant to different civilizations, across cultures and around the world?

Representing freshness, nature, youthfulness and positivity for centuries, there's nothing really bad to say about the colour green, except perhaps for its association with greed and jealousy, but that's a topic for another day.

When we think of green, we think of the countryside, in Japan, England and beyond; we imagine hedgehogs in our gardens, tweeting birds in the morning and we smell flowers! In a nutshell, we think about nature; and when we think of nature, we can't help but cast our thoughts to the poets and artists and writers who have based their life's works on nature. A haiku is a type of short-form poem that originated in Japan, which is traditionally made up of three lines and is an observation of fleeting moment involving nature. And if you're suddenly wondering how on earth we got from peridot earrings to astronauts and then to nature to poetry and back again, then trust us when we say that we have no idea either! So let us get back on point…

Why Wear Peridot Earrings?

Since the peridot gemstone is a remarkable green in colour, earrings featuring this semi-precious gem would make an ideal gift for a nature lover or any person with a love for the lush, vibrant colour of green. It's also the birthstone of August, making it a lovely birthday present for anyone who's born during this month.

When you add green peridot jewellery to your outfit, you instantly look more youthful and energetic, so much so that onlookers will only be able to think good things about you! So what are you waiting for? Be the life and soul of the party or give your day-to-day look a splash of energy with gorgeous peridot earrings. Order online today or get in touch with our happy team.

Be Inspired By Peridot Earrings

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