Choosing jewellery for someone special takes a lot of thought and consideration, as you don't want to get something that's really out of character for your recipient. Birthstones are a great way to choose a gem colour that is relevant, but not everyone likes the colour of their birthstone, so while it's well intentioned, your gift might not be worn very often. You can consider getting a stone that relates to their zodiac sign, or to the element of that sign (fire, earth, air and water), but there's often a lot of overlap between birth and zodiac signs.

If you're buying something for a Piscean who hates purple, you'll need to choose something that isn't amethyst, or where amethyst isn't the main stone. We have plenty of pieces which incorporate amethysts with other stones, such as our Jelly Bean necklace which features garnet, topaz and citrine alongside amethyst for a bold effect.

An Aquarian who dislikes red won't appreciate traditional garnets, as they have a deep, rich colour which stands out. Rhodalite garnets, however, have a subtle tone which isn't overwhelming. Our Gwyneth earrings, feature rhodalite garnet in a pretty flower inspired mount making them ideal. There is a matching ring and necklace, which you can gift on subsequent occasions to build the complete set.

Our Gwyneth Rhodolite Garnet Earrings

Finding out which colours they like (or strongly dislike) can be quite easy, if you're subtle about it. Steering a conversation towards favourite colours, or casually mentioning that you like the colour of an item and waiting for the response will give you some insight into their tastes. Checking out the colours in their wardrobe is also a good way of finding out what they like, but stick to tops for checking colours. Tops are a better guide of colour preference than skirts or trousers, as they are much closer to the face and therefore have to flatter the wearer, and also be a colour they like to wear. If there's a lot of green in their wardrobe then peridot is a good bet, but people who wear a lot of yellow and orange will love citrine jewellery.

People who stick to black, white and other muted tones are unlikely to wear a lot of brightly coloured jewellery, so pearls or cubic zirconia would be a good choice. These are very neutral to wear and look good on everyone, and our pearl collection has a huge range of designs from simple, understated pieces to intricate, sparkling showstoppers. The Full Moon earrings from our wedding collection don't have to be worn as bridal jewellery; they'll look great on any occasion. A large pearl is complemented by a sparkling cubic zirconia, which catches the light and makes the pearl really resonate.

If you really can't decide on the right colour then stick to something neutral. Our Fantasia bangle is a lovely piece to give and being made of silver with cubic zirconia it will stand out worn with any colour, or with monochrome tones. Our IceFire bracelet has the same stones, but is a more delicate piece for those who prefer more understated jewellery. It's a classic design that will stand the test of time and it's so versatile, working well with an evening gown or with a casual button down shirt and jeans. Opal is another neutral stone which can take on the colours it is surrounded by, complementing all the colours under the rainbow. This Shimmer necklace is pretty, delicate and has vintage style that will look great with formal wear or 1930s style dress. There are also matching earrings and a ring to create a charming set that can be worn together for maximum effect.