As winter draws in and the nights get cooler, our fashion trends change again for a new, beautiful season. Colours tend to get warmer during winter, perhaps in the hope that we'll feel a little cosier…

Blondes turn brunette, and cool coloured clothing is stored away for another year. Take a look at this guide to wearing those must-have accessories!

Wearing Rose Gold Heart Jewellery: The Ultimate Guide

Whether it's an elegant watch, buckle detail or rose gold heart necklace for a touch of romance, beautiful pink gold metal is irresistible and perfect for winter!

Until recently, rose gold was considered the traditional, classic choice, whilst silver and white gold metals were on-trend and fashionable. Whilst silver is still a popular choice, the amazing abundance of rose gold jewellery styles has brought it back! Not only is it now worn just for formal occasions such as a wedding, it's popular wear for everyday!

No matter whether you're heading out for an evening or are after a stunning piece for daytime, a rose gold heart necklace will compliment any skin colouring, outfit and personality.

The colour of rose gold – also known as "pink" or "red gold" – is achieved with a mix of copper alloy and gold. The amount of copper used will determine just how pink in hue it is, as accessories that only have a small percentage of copper will be more yellow than those with a higher percentage.

Tips For Wearing Rose Gold

  • Swap those old bags – Since we're so used to choosing white gold or silver, all of those metal details on our jacket, bag and pair of heels now don't match! Of course, some people know how to mix metals like a pro, but if you're not so confident, consider colour coordinating them.
  • Clothing – Rose gold goes beautifully with earthy tones and nude colours. Opt for a camel coloured coat and boots and charcoal, cream or khaki jumper. For a more vibrant outfit, why not try coral or light blue?
  • Go for hearts – Lockets and rose gold heart jewellery are simply timeless! Whether it's a cute heart necklace that's ideal for your brown-red dress and boots, or stunning heart studs, there's no jewellery  or metal that's more romantic or beautiful!

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