We can all feel anxious at times; in fact, research has shown that 3.3% of young British adults are 'clinically' anxious. Whether your anxiety spikes in certain situations or it's a constant feeling of unease, there are ways to combat the ill-effects of anxiety and reduce stress. Take a look at our advice below and make your wellbeing and happiness a priority this winter and throughout the entirety of 2016.

How To Reduce Those Feelings Of Anxiety

Just about anything can cause us to feel unstable, from worrying about the future and how you'll ever be able to afford a home in the UK, to theft, job uncertainties and more. What's important to remember if you feel anxious is that you're definitely not alone; one in six Brits will experience anxiety at some point in their lifetime, but if you feel like your anxiety is getting out of control, visit your GP for professional advice. Here are those tips we promised!

  • Let your mind wander – Watching the news and feel those bubbles of anxiety returning again after a particularly worrisome story? Unfortunately, while anxious feelings can only take a moment to seep into our consciousness, they can take quite a bit of time to disappear again. Intentionally distracting your mind by putting on a song you enjoy, for instance, can really benefit your wellbeing, at least for a short while. The psychological impact of listening to great music really is huge, since it can change our thoughts and emotions almost instantaneously, particularly if the song holds significance to us.
  • Taking up a hobby that you enjoy and requires an amount of concentration – such as pottery or singing in a choir – can also ease our mind, while additionally giving us even more reasons to be happy and proud of our achievements! Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of amethyst earrings? This lovely purple gemstone is universally known for its calming qualities.
  • Be mindful – 'Mindfulness' has got to be the word of 2015, but for good reason, we think! We've heard so much about it, but how can we incorporate it into our everyday lives? Well for starters, the next time you begin to feel anxious, put yourself in the moment; what that means is, really take in your surroundings and your physical sense of self. What colours do you see? Is it quiet, or noisy? Concentrate on your breathing and really focus on the details of the things around you. Instead of being in your own little world as you walk to the train station, smile at the next person you see and listen out. When you have a moment to sit down and eat, appreciate every bite you take instead of worrying about every calorie you're consuming – really do make the effort to stay in the moment (and enjoy it)!
  • Focus on the facts – Sometimes our emotions can get the better of us and cause us to think irrationally. Remembering to take a logical approach to situations based purely on evidence, instead of inaccurately assessing a situation and panicking, should help you put things into perspective. Of course, all of these tips take time and practise, but hopefully you've found it helpful!

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