The star colour of the autumn/winter 2017 fashion shows this year is the fantastically bold red! According to Vogues online fashion trends article there is a 'RED alert!' as 'The fiery shade dominated the autumn/winter 2017 shows'. There were many famous brands this year parading their bold statement red collections down the runway such as coats, suits, and stunning dresses all accompanied with the perfect accessories, not forgetting some standout Jewellery. There are plenty of gorgeous red gemstones out there such as rubygarnet and even lighter shades like rhodalites.

Red is the colour of fire, so it is associated with energy, war, danger and strength and most notably in the fashion world, it represents power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Read on to discover this season's on-trend colour and how to wear it!

The History Of Red: Your Ancient Fashion Advice

Archaeological remains that were unearthed from China dating back 15,000 years prove that the colour red was predominantly used. Whether it was used for clothing or accessories or just as decoration, the colour representing luck, passion, happiness, and even danger had the utmost influence, especially now in the fashion world. Be it fashion apparels or other fashion accessories such as jewellery the alluring shades of red run deep, charming people into the mix.

Associated with an aristocratic excess, red is the fashion code for all seasons. Red makes a strong visual impact in the collections of designers, and fashionistas. Powerful and exciting, it can make a statement without doing anything. The hue complements almost all skin tones. Wearing red makes a bold statement that the wearer is in charge, and is full of excitement.

Whether its rich "Serenity Red" ruby earrings to compliment that bold statement dress or that outfit needing a touch of powerful colour, Amore Argento has plenty of beautiful ruby jewellery that will just finish your outfit to perfection!

Your Essential Red Garments!

Luckily anybody can wear a ruby necklaceas deep reds tend to compliment all skin tones.

A one piece outfit perhaps? Think stylish but warm, maybe black in colour to really let your deep red jewellery stand out or go strong and bold with a full on luscious red, ready to make you stand out in the winter months. Match this with elegant heels and either a chic red or black clutch and you're ready to go.

A white handbag – Perfect for an afternoon shopping spree, the school-run or even the office, every lady needs a chic carry-all for her must-haves!

The winter coat, neutral white looks spectacular in winter. Whether you're hurrying through the rain or are simply out in the snow, you're sure to stand out beautifully in a white winter's coat contrasting with your bold coloured one peice. 

Get Your Ruby Necklace Today

Perfect for the coming winter months the warm deep red ruby is a must and if you happen to be a July baby then this gem is even more perfect as it's the birthstone of July. A ruby necklace is an ideal birthday gift. Whatever the occasion, we have a stunning range of lovingly designed sterling silver jewellery here at Amore Argento

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