Whatever fashion style you have, whether it's chic, classic, vintage or flamboyant, you can never be mismatched with a cubic zirconia jewellery piece. Whilst some are fairly laidback about how colour coordinated they are, others would feel restricted with a coloured gemstone ring. Cubic zirconia rings however, are ideal for those who aren't comfortable wearing jewellery that won't go with everything they wear. It's similar to the diamond in appearance! A diamond is such a popular engagement ring choice, because no matter what you're wearing, it will go! Read on to discover just how versatile CZ rings are!

2015 Fashion Guide: How To Wear Cubic Zirconia

  • The Chic Look: Tailored black two-pieces, a white shirt, shades and a designer bag are almost all you need to achieve this look. An elegant, sparkly bracelet featuring our diamond-like stone will take this look to a new, beautiful level! Combine with a hair-up, hair-down hairstyle, nude nail varnish and classic flats. Et voila! You're ready to hit the city!
  • The Romantic: Think florals, ruffled skirts, soft fabrics and wavy hair, and lots of pastel shades! Pair skinny jeans with an angel sleeved top, then pop on camel shaded wedges. Take a look at our romantic  sterling silver heart jewellery for the final finishing touch!
  • Sophisticated: If you're a sophisticated type of gal, who always opts for the most luxury of wear within her budget, a classic, diamond-like cubic zirconia ring is ideal! It may not be a diamond, but we'll bet nobody will know. Plus, nobody wants to misplace really expensive jewellery, and you'll look absolutely beautiful, so why not?!
  • Punk – Edgy, unconventional and cool, you may be thinking that no punk would dare try cubic zirconia - wrong! You'll be being unconventional just by opting for cubic zirconia over a diamond, and since punk's all about wearing what people least expect, you can't go wrong with a statement rock ring or necklace! Try wearing a leather jacket with big, messy hair, checkered shirt and overstated makeup - you won't be far from achieving this look!
  • Traditional – Practical, cute and fun, what other jewellery would suffice but CZ rings for the girl who always dresses appropriately? As we mentioned earlier, CZ is so wearable and versatile that it will compliment any clothing, day or night, so a simple, sterling silver piece combined with cubic zirconia is perfect! It'll go with the safe little black dress that never lets you down, and it'll also give your daytime top and raincoat a touch of elegance.

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