When was the last time you ventured into House of Fraser and treated yourself to beautiful jewellery from Amore Argento (for a full list of our store locations, visit this page)? If you've been walking past for months – or worse, years – perhaps it's time you gave yourself a break and had a walk around; there's no harm in looking after all, is there?

No matter what you might have heard, there's no age limit on gorgeous jewellery; it lasts for years and you can use it to dress up and down many outfits depending on your mood! Unlike that trendy top you saw in the window of Topshop, or that long summer dress in Debenhams, you can be sure that your money's going to go further with exquisite peridot rings set in the finest quality sterling silver. Unsure if you can pull off peridot? Nonsense! Here's how.

You Can Wear Peridot Rings At Any Age – Here's The Proof!

It doesn't matter if you're a young twenty-year-old or you're coming up to the big six-oh; anyone can pull off a peridot ring or two! Its dazzling green colour is perfect for bringing out hazel eyes and giving you a youthful glow. You needn't only go for pearls just because you've gained a few wrinkles (we prefer to call them laughter lines) around your eyes. Just because you're older, this doesn't mean you can't let your personality shine through, and vibrant gemstone jewellery gives every woman the chance to let their true selves shine through! Trust us, your loved ones are sure to notice that extra hint of colour – otherwise known as rebellion – in your style, and they'll love it.

Combine peridot with a touch of green eye shadow (you don't need a lot!), a pair of dark tailored trousers and a gorgeous lime top; a cool floral scarf with dashes of pink and yellow will complete your outfit so that you're ready to take on any event! Whether you're off to watch a concert or simply catching the bus to visit family, we know you'll look incredible and be oozing confidence with a shiny new addition!

We've a beautiful collection of peridot rings sure to bring back that sparkle you used to love! Have a browse and rock the trends no matter your age!

Take A Look At Our Peridot Rings Today

If you love our gemstone jewellery, why not check out our new Gelato collection which combines sterling silver, yellow gold and transient peridot to create a truly enigmatic piece? If your birthday is in August, all the better, since peridot is the birthstone of August! If you'd like any more information regarding our designs or store locations, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team - call 0345 450 3966 or email us via our contact page!