The aquamarine gemstone, also known for being the 'sailor's lucky gem', is an irresistible gemstone that's the perfect holiday accessory. Whether it's surfing in Cornwall, sailing in Greece, or a first-class cruise across the ocean, a pair of gorgeous aquamarine earrings will glisten in the sunlight like no other. Read on to find out more about the supposed sailor's stone of protection and check out our wonderful jewellery collections today! 

Travel Across The Water With A Little Sailor's Luck

The subtle blue aquamarine jewel has been a thing of wonder and beauty for many, many centuries. According to legend, it is the treasure of mermaids, and sailors wore aquamarine talismans to protect them against the perils that came hand in hand with long voyages across the ocean. 

Those who choose to endure months, or even years, at sea had to survive through often poor living and working conditions. Not only do mariners have to confront social isolation for extended periods of time – then and now - they also live often in cramped quarters, faced food shortages and had to accept that they were risking their lives every day. 

Although it's not quite known when the 'sailor's lucky gemstone' belief began, the first recorded usage of the stone is 480-300 BC. Its strength of power of protection is supposed to heighten when immersed in the depths of water. While on land, it is even said to have a soothing influence on couples who are romantically engaged. 

So, whether you're petrified of sinking in the middle of the ocean Rose and Jack style (who wouldn't be?) and need a little reassurance, or you're off with your other half for a romantic getaway, a little aquamarine jewellery is sure to do no harm! And let's not forget, aquamarine earrings are simply beautiful – they compliment any skin tone, and even match the glorious blue skies and calm, gentle sea. What could be better? 

As the March birthstone, aquamarine jewelleryis the ideal gift for anyone born in this springtime month, but they're also perfect for any occasion too! 

Feel Wonderful With Aquamarine Earrings

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