Sapphire is associated with love, and especially with new love. It signifies commitment and trust which makes it a popular choice of gift when lovers must be separated over a long distance. It is also the stone that is given to mark 5, 10 and 45 years of marriage, and with that association, it is clear to see why the dazzling blue sapphire is a real symbol of commitment and enduring love.

Whether you are embarking on a new romance or celebrating years of commitment, sapphire jewellery is a great present and really shows you are invested in the relationship. These Spice of Life earrings are the ideal gift for a new lover, with four sapphires interspersed with cubic zirconia set on a pretty hoop. Our unique closure design ensures there are no lost earring backs to contend with, with this set; and we think that the fact these earrings are a single piece emphasises the bond of love between two inseparable people.

This eternity ring is another excellent choice to give a new love. A symbol of dedication and eternal commitment, our Everlasting Sapphire ring would make a lovely present to give for a year of togetherness, or even for one of the wedding anniversaries. Three sapphires nestle alongside three cubic zirconia set into a sterling silver ring, which has a band wide enough to engrave a message on, if you choose to do so. 

For a big statement of commitment our Classico Sapphire set gets the message across perfectly. A ring, earrings and a necklace all featuring a rich blue sapphire central stone, flanked by cubic zirconia for added dazzle. The ring is especially sparkly with cubic zirconia all across the top to catch the light from every direction. This is a classic design which lends an air of maturity to an evening gown and will be sure to attract many compliments. 

A more contemporary look can be found in our Fantasize ring which features different sizes of sapphires and cubic zirconia across four sterling silver bands, which come together at the back into a solid band. This is a stunning ring for everyday wear, but it will stand up in a more formal environment and will stun guests at an evening do or at the theatre as well as in a more relaxed restaurant setting.

If rings aren't your lover's thing then this Melody necklace is the perfect modern looking gift to show your commitment and love. Two intertwined silver strands symbolise two people in an embrace, with one of the strands becoming the mount for the rich round sapphire in the middle. This is a gorgeous piece which is very versatile, working with casual and formal clothes and the ideal piece to wear every day as a reminder of love.

For a more overt declaration of love you can't go wrong with hearts, and our Love Life sapphire earrings, with matching necklace available, are the perfect fit. Sapphires and cubic zirconia sit alongside each other in the heart shaped mount to show love and eternal commitment. This is a great choice of gift as the matching necklace can be given as another present at a later date, perhaps on a romantic weekend away?

Love Liefe Sterling Silver Saphire Necklace

Something not everyone knows is that sapphires aren't always blue. Pink sapphires, a little rarer than the blue variety, have been associated with love for centuries, and in Asian culture especially they symbolise wisdom, purity and beauty. What better stone to give to show your admiration and love for your partner? Our pink sapphire Everlasting ring is a showstopper – it's the same design as the blue sapphire version but with pink stones instead. If your lover likes pink, or they're a rare and precious find then this ring is the perfect gift.

Our heart shaped box and polishing cloth ensures our jewellery has a real impact as a gift, and will be treasured eternally, just like the love you have for one another.