Purple; the colour has intrigued humans for centuries, and no matter where you are in the world, it carries a weight that's far more mysterious than your average diamond. Whether you're a rock chick at heart or can't wait to get down low on the dance floor to some awesome tunes at the weekend, (purple) amethyst rings are the perfect accessory for the modern era's independent woman. The colour screams creativity, magic and uniqueness, so much so that you're bound to catch the eye of one or two admirers across the dance floor. With bold, beautiful amethyst rings from Amore Argento, great things are sure to come your way. See how you can make amethyst work for you with our unique guide below.

Add An Element Of Mystery To Your Look This Spring With Amethyst Rings

The irresistible, purple gemstone that is amethyst makes a brilliant addition to any jewellery collection for this spring, 2016. We know that despite the season of spring soon approaching, the weather doesn't feel very much warmer or brighter for the most of us! While the bitter cold still makes us catch our breaths as we leave for work in the morning, and the skies refuse to turn blue, it can be tempting not to make much effort with our outfits, hair and makeup, but it doesn't take much to add a little colour to your style this spring!

Pair your amethyst ring with a fitted black number, boots and, for good measure, a smile. That subtle hint of purple will cut through the boldness of the rest of your outfit and transform you into the rock diva you've always dreamed of being. Whether you're off to the local or are planning to pull an all-weekender, this outfit will take your from morning to night and back again. Whoever said no to the lady in the little black dress, after all? Depending on how daring you want to be, your dress could incorporate leather, or revealing lace, but there's no need to overdo it, either; you want to leave something to the imagination!

Amethyst rings weren't just made for the LBD (little black dress), though; if you love to be creative with your style and your wardrobe is an inconsistent heap of styles from all areas of the internet, then amethyst is your friend, too.

Purple generally makes a bang with the colours red, hues of blues, oranges and browns and greens, but depending on how colourful you aim to be, it really is ultimately your choice. All that we want to point out is that amethyst jewellery truly is the gemstone to go for if you want to add an air of mystery and wisdom to your look; the colour purple was, after all, known for centuries as the "colour of kings", and it was illegal for persons other than royalty to wear it. Times have changed thankfully, and we're all now able to flash a bit of purple whenever we want to! You do, of course, have to buy it first.

Bring In Spring With Amethyst Rings

Dazzling, unique and captivating, our collection of amethyst rings is bound to grab the imagination of all who behold them! Shop our enigmatic collection today or contact our team for more information. Call 0345 450 3966 or why not visit us at any one of our store locations? Our helpful team will be on hand to help!