With the recent release of Suffragette (2015), a film that tells the story of the lengths and struggles early feminists went through in the late 19th and early 20th century from the perspective of 24-year-old laundress Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan), we thought we'd delve into the beautiful freshwater pearl necklace and discover why many of the suffragettes felt the need to wear pearls as part of their campaign to get rights for women. Have a read and take a look at our gorgeous collection of pearl necklaces in-store or online today!

Why Did The Suffragettes Wear Pearl Jewellery?

Women haven't always been able to vote, and it was only in 1928 that women over the age of 21 got the vote in the UK. Women were viewed as child-bearers and wives only, and it was thought that their husbands or fathers votes were enough to represent their own political views. In their battle to get the law changed, their opposition (which surprisingly also included other women) tried to wound them with comments that questioned their dignity, respect and femininity. In a bid to work against this portrayal, the suffragettes of the early 19th century made a move towards more subtle, feminine colours in jewellery. Mrs Pethick-Lawrence, editor of the weekly newspaper Votes for Women, explained the symbolism behind the colours of the suffragettes, which were purple, white and green. She said in the spring of 1908 in the weekly publication:

'Purple as everyone knows is the royal colour. It stands for the royal blood that flows in the veins of every suffragette, the instinct of freedom and dignity; white stands for purity in private and public life; green is the colour of hope and the emblem of spring.'

The suffragettes didn't just wear the gorgeous pearl as a statement, but also the green peridot and purple amethyst; together these symbolised purity, hope and dignity. Pearls have long stood for purity and innocence – this being the reason they're still a traditional (and beautiful) choice for brides on their wedding day.

No matter their intriguing historical significance, pearls are very much a modern day gemstone, too, and the good news is they're hugely flattering to any complexion and outfit, which is what makes them such a brilliant jewellery choice!

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