Why does it seem like everybody is getting engaged, married or having babies?! We don't know whether it's the water or the pretty Christmas lights that's making men get down on one knee and present a glitzy ring, but one thing's for sure, single women the world over are feeling it. If you've been invited to a friend's wedding but have no significant other to enjoy it with, or are simply feeling low because every second picture on your social media news feed seems to be of yet another engagement ring, look no further than this post for some helpful words of advice!

A Single Girl's Guide To Surviving That Wedding

  • 1. Stop comparing yourself to others – We know it's difficult not to do this, but it's the worst thing you could possibly do! If we measure our success on what other people are doing, rather than what's right for ourselves at that moment in time, then we'll forever be playing catch-up and trying to outdo each other for our entire lives, neither of which is healthy or going to make us happy!
  • 2. Give yourself a break! – If you feel the pressure building up to get with someone (anyone!) take a step back and think logically. Don't feel pressured into committing to a relationship with anyone just so you don't have to explain why you're single to the next person who asks. If it doesn't feel right, then it's not likely to ever feel right, and therefore, if anything, it will hinder your chances of meeting someone  who is right.
  • 3. Getting engaged isn't all that – Of course, there's the initial excitement, from sharing the news with your family, and getting to wear a sparkly new ring, but you'd be wise to remember that the thrill of getting engaged is only short-term. Pretty soon they'll be faced with expensive venue bills, guest invites to write, wedding dress shopping, catering to sort, vow writing and more, all of which is stressful! And really, what's a ring? You can get yourself a rose gold heart necklace and enjoy fun parties, globe-trotting, meeting new people and everything else that comes with single life! Let's be real – you're going to be too busy with your own life to worry about not being engaged! Sure you might be temporarily miserable, but our best tip is to plan ahead and get out there! Life's too short.
  • 4. And for that wedding? Bring someone (even if it's your mum!), wear the hottest outfit you own with a beautiful rose gold heart necklace, get on the dance floor and be happy that you get to go back home and do exactly what you want. Your story isn't over yet!

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