Variations of this question crop up a lot, especially since we have a beautiful collection of lovingly designed freshwater pearl necklaces, so we thought we would try to answer it as best as we could. The main difference between a freshwater cultured pearl and a seawater cultured pearl is the location where they were cultured, and how they were cultured, also known as the 'nucleation process'. Read on for a more in-depth explanation and don't forget to take a look at our simply gorgeous designs! 

How Are Saltwater And Freshwater Pearls Different?

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All pearls, whether freshwater or saltwater, are formed inside different Bivalvia mollusks. Mollusks are animals that basically have a shell, including snails, mussels, oysters and octopuses, but the Bivalvia variety are those which have two shells. The mollusk pearl formation process involves an irritant of some kind – such as a grain of sand or a little dirt – entering the mollusk. As the oyster, clam or mussel can't 'spit' the irritant out, so to speak, it instead forms a barrier between it and itself with layers of nacre. Over time, and after many, many layers of nacre, a pearl is formed. 

Freshwater pearls, unlike saltwater pearls, grow inside mussels and live in rivers and lakes; the latter grow inside oysters and come from the ocean. There are what's known as 'natural pearls' and 'cultured pearls', however all mullosks produce a pearl in the same way. What's different is how the irritant entered the pearl in the first place - either a human put it there deliberately, or it entered naturally. In both of these ways, the mollusk creates a defense barrier, a completely natural process, which eventually leads to a pearl. 

Freshwater pearls are cultivated from freshwater mussels, rather than saltwater oysters, and their pearls come in unique shapes and lovely pastel shades that are ideal for all ladies looking for an embellishment that's utterly feminine. So there you have it! Why not take a look at our wonderful freshwater pearl necklaces today? Completely versatile, pearl jewellery can help you to create many different looks! Go for a chic vintage look, a glamorous evening look or simply wear them casually with jeans and a stripy top!

Be Beautiful With Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

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