A Valentine's Day gift has to be special, and nowadays it is becoming increasingly common for the day to be peppered with small presents and surprises, from something sparkly in the morning, to flowers delivered to work then a sumptuous meal out and the promise of a weekend away in the near future. Not everyone wants to go to this much effort, but many people like to put a lot of thought into the gifts and the planning to make a real impact and declare their love. What makes the perfect Valentine depends very much on your partner and their tastes.

Jewellery is a traditional love token, so it makes sense to gift something sparkly on Valentine's Day. Whether you choose to supplement this with other presents and surprises is up to you, but we think it's nice to give something personal on that day, something which represents the love between two people.

Our Love and Kisses Blush bracelet is a sweet piece to gift on Valentine's Day, featuring a silver kiss and rose gold plated heart accented with a row of glittering cubic zirconia on a delicate silver chain. The adjustable chain means it will fit almost any wrist and there's no need to get anything re-sized. This design builds into a full set with matching earrings, necklace and ring, so you could even cover the next three years of Valentine's gifts by adding a piece each year. 

The Love and Kisses Moonlight range uses the same design, but with solid silver hearts instead of rose gold for a more understated look. As with the Blush range there is a full set of jewellery available to build up over time.

The Love and Kisses Cute necklace features two silver hearts, one inside the other, sealed with a silver and cubic zirconia kiss for a dazzling finish. This elegant design looks good with any outfit at any time of year, so can be worn that very day. There are matching earrings available which can solve the issue of what to get next year, or to be a birthday present later in the year.

The Love You necklace draws inspiration from the Love and Kisses range, but showcases the heart design rather than the kiss. There's still plenty of bling as part of the space between the two hearts is filled in with cubic zirconia - it's still sparkly but understatedly so – the perfect gift for a casual dresser to lift the most simple outfit to elegant heights. If the Love You necklace is a bit big at 25mm wide and 25mm high we have a smaller version, the Love You Baby necklace, which is the same design but in a smaller size. If your loved one prefers smaller, less noticeable jewellery then this is the gift for you. It sends the same message, but is much more wearable due to its smaller size.

If your relationship isn't quite out in the open yet, but you still want to give something special then the Secret Love necklace is ideal. A freshwater pearl sits inside a swirling heart shaped mount which conveys the message of love without being too loud about it. Perhaps your lover is a private person who doesn't like to give too much away, or perhaps you're in a Romeo and Juliet situation, whatever the case, the Secret Love necklace is the perfect gift. There is a matching ring and bangle for future presents.

If you're giving a gift with the hope of winning over your intended sweetheart then our Sweetheart necklace was designed for you. A simple open silver heart that contains three sparkly cubic zirconia, showing that you have brightness, passion and love in your heart for the recipient. Who could say no to such a beautiful, thoughtful gift?