If you love jewellery with a difference, the peridot gemstone should be on your radar. Sure to capture an admirer's attention even at night, a pair of peridot earrings will dazzle no matter the quality of light! Thought for centuries to give wearers vitality and luck, the shimmering green hue of peridot is ideal for daywear and evening. Read on for a great guide to wearing peridot jewellery and check out our beautiful collection! 

How To Wear Peridot Jewellery

Sourced in places such as Arizona, Pakistan and China, the peridot, a variety of olivine, is a gemstone which has been coveted for thousands of years. The intensity of colour in a peridot depends on the quantity of iron present in its chemical structure – the greener it is, the more iron it will contain. Here are just some of our fashion suggestions for wearing this exquisite gemstone! 

Liven Up Your Wardrobe– It doesn't matter whether you're opting for the casual look in jeans and a tee, or are going all-out in a glamorous dress, a flash of this beautiful gemstone in the form of jewellery will take your outfit from drab to chic effortlessly. 

Get In Touch With Your Wild Side – Since the peridot stone is a lush green in colour, it's the perfect collaborator with summertime clothing! Dazzle in an olive green bikini and peridot earrings, or why not go for the nature-loving look in a paisley print and floppy hat? 

Unsurprisingly, green goes well with other colours that are also found in nature, like browns and greys, but just like those yellow, red and other colourful flowers that look idyllic peering through the hedgerows, a splash of brightly coloured clothing with your peridot jewellery will work beautifully too. 

Discover Birthstone Jewellery – If you were born during the month of August, lucky you! Your birthstone is peridot. Likewise, if you're looking for a gift for a friend with an August birthday, jewellery featuring this birthstone is sure to be well received. Why not mix with other gemstones and get a truly unique and colourful look? 

Get Your Glistening Peridot Earrings Today

We have a wonderful collection of peridot earrings here at Amore Argento, all of which have been carefully designed in-house and skilfully created. Each gift that is purchased from our online store is delivered with a stunning purple heart box, polishing cloth and care card, so they can care for and treasure it long after you've presented it to them! 

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